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    Sugared Roses

    I was so excited to get this since I've recently fallen in love with all things sugar, and I love anything rose scented I also needed a cover for LAM since the cops never seemed to dry down on me, but once I tried this I think I realized the cops aren't my issue. Sadly, I think I make rose things smell sharp and sour So I think the rose in LAM doesn't work well on me, and the rose in this overpowers the sugar. Straight out of the bottle it smells perfect! Sweet sugars and bright roses, but my skin messes it up
  2. This was one of the first perfumes I tried and I couldn't stop smelling myself when I had it on after trying many samples and going through different scent phases I came back to this and can't figure out why I ever stopped wearing it! It's wonderfully clean, bright, and sweet, not powdery (which tends to make me smell old...) and I get the most "you smell good"s when I wear it It doesn't legitimately smell like candy (which is good, I think), but it definitely smells delicious. The sugar and violets come through the most on me, with a hint of vanilla after I've been wearing it for a while. The cedar probably keeps it from smelling too sweet and foody, but you don't really register it.
  3. Well, the first review pretty much sums it up perfectly, but I have a couple side notes to add: 1. I hate foody smelly things, and scents usually come out smelling super foody on me if there's any hint of caramel or cream, but this is delightful!! Definitely not straight up food-like, they honey and whipped cream do a wonderful job of balancing out the florals. 2. I was nervous while this was in the mail because, after trying a few scents, I'd started to think that orchid and honeys just don't work on me (as in I smell like a powdery, old, sour lady) but the honey is almost "muted" or matte... if that makes sense, it's enough that you can figure out it's honey, but it's not sticky and it doesn't overpower anything, it's perfect 3. as for the florals, the honeysuckle comes through more than the orchid on me, which I like, it keeps it very bright and almost lifts the honey. Everything just smells clean and bright, but definitely there. Also, not a hint of cops anywhere to be smelled. It's like *magic * In short, White Bikini is AWESOME.
  4. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm so excited. I can't wait!!
  5. Oooh where to begin?... First, I have the Orchid Rose scented LAM. It's very nice and delicate, though no matter how long I let it dry down I still seem to smell like cops (though my friend doesn't have this issue so it may just be me), but even if I don't try to cover it, it still works like freaking *MAGIC* So... on to the effects of the pheros. OH MY GOD. Slather this on (or even don't slather so much on), and I instantly get butterflies in my stomach, like that feeling you get in the few seconds leading up to your first kiss (cheesy, yes, but accurate lol). I'm jittery but in a nervous giddy "first date" kinda way, even when I'm sitting by myself in the car. All this said, I definitely get a reaction when wearing LAM. Guys are friendlier, flirtier, and I dare say I sit up taller and giggle more All in all, it makes me feel lol, very sexy
  6. I was intrigued by the cayenne in this perfume and love roses so it seemed like a good choice, but oh. My. God. Caramel. Nothing but caramel. No spice, no floral, not even amber, just straight, sticky, chokingly thick caramel. It smells like I took Smuckers ice cream topping and slathered it on my arm supposedly older batches didn't smell this sickly sweet? but... I'm on the hunt for peppery spicy things yet again :/
  7. When I first put this on it smelled very very clean, SUPER lavendery, and almost unisex. But oh my, an hour later and it smells like matte burnt vanilla and brown sugar... but... earthier (sorry if "matte" scents don't make sense but that's the only way I can think to describe it since it's not powdery, but not foody or juicy, or even floraly). I think I amp the patchouli but luckily it's not too heavy ( I think I tend to amp spices quite a bit) and overall it still smells clean. I get a wee little bit of jasmine coming through and I'm thinking the oakmoss, birch leaf and rose stems are doing a great job of keeping this from being overwhelmingly sweet and sugary. As far as the effects of the balm bomb (the original reason I ordered this sample)... I think I may have encountered my first phero OD (my head hurts), but I am indeed still relaxed and in a good mood so... yay
  8. I'm so sad this is all sold out and archived... I got so excited when I read the description, but was a day or two too late ... time to brainstorm a PE I believe
  9. I got this as a free sample with an order and need to get myself a full bottle NOW!! It's sweet and "bubbly", but not foody or fruity, just soft, ever so slightly powdery, and smells like a warm fuzzy blanket feels (if that makes any sense). I don't really get the berries, or I do and don't realize it, but a wee bit of sugar (definitely not too sweet though), a very delicate floral scent, and cheery softness
  10. Eeeeee I can't wait for White Bikini!! So many of these look awesome
  11. Oh wow I didn't know that, thank you!! You guys are AWESOME
  12. Eeeee so I think I messed this up, I didn't realize that I had to add the freebies to my cart before I purchased it, I thought I had to pay for the perfumes, then... do something afterwards? Is it at all possible to add the free samples at a later point?
  13. diabolique

    Canary Faery

    I smelled like a lemon bar. I liked the sound of the lemongrass bamboo and cucumber, thinking I would smell clean, refreshed and bright....and I smelled like syrupy baked goods :/ maybe I'd like it better with less of the sugars, it seems to be working out well for other folks though
  14. This is the scent that got me hooked! It's definitely sweet and floraly, but not too sweet (I don't care for overly-sugary sweet scents). It's also slightly baby-powdery on me, but oh so lovely. Definitely get the most of the jasmine and perhaps musk. I think this smells a lot like how honeysuckles taste, if that makes any sense... Definitely gonna get the full sized bottle
  15. diabolique


    This smells like soapy chocolate on me. Not even like a clean bar of chocolate or something, just... cheap, harsh, drying, old soap and really cheap, crappy, brittle milk chocolate I really wanted this to work since the description sounded so awesome (though most of them do) and tried it multiple times but it just doesn't seem to like me much =/
  16. I swear the first couple times I put this on I smelled a wee bit like chocolate... but come to think of it, everything seemed to be smelling a little like chocolate when I put it on so maybe it was just something in the air. I put some on again last night and it was beautiful! sweet and floraly but not too bubble-gum candy pink fairy sweet. I think this is a perfect spring/ summer scent and I fully intend to wear it until it gets cold and I want something spicy
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