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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOO....*dances and watches her wallet cringe
  2. AHA see I am not the only hard sell on it It really has grown on me. And I do like it. I think it was a case of maybe needing to mature a bit? or maybe my nose had to mature a bit. ha ha.
  3. This is a very nice scent. I had to wear it more than once before I could make my true choice on it. But I am in love. Its very diffrent but it is very calming. I wore it on a rather stressfull day and the more i smelled the calmer I felt. The Lavender, and Vanilla comes out strongest to my scents. My cat's also seemed to love on me more.
  4. I purposely picked a lower cut cleevage shirt today so I could sniff better how sad is that?
  5. like a fine yummy nummy wine. Works for me. I am still sticking my nose down my shirt...
  6. I liked this one intialy. I did like it, not a over my moon but i enjoyed it. So I set it in my dark perfume chest and went about my time. Today I was in the renn frame of mine and put it on again. and the scent is diffrent to me! and even YUMMIER! The fruits come out more now, and its just...lucious. Just...yumy Yummy. And i got MANY compliments on my edible smell today.
  7. WOW! I wonder how much i could get if i sold a kidney so i could snap up some scents ehe
  8. Man I was all set to place my order and Work laid me off.. ARGH...stinks stinks stinks. Gotta keepit on a WL now
  9. WAHOOOO i got a sample of Bethroal and LOVE IT.... Friday friday make an order friday.. *wiggles*
  10. To funny..lol I was nearly mauled on friday night!!!! I wore my sample of Bethroal potionl.good grief!!!! soon as I have some extra dosh I am gonna have to buy a whole bottle. I like it )
  11. everything looks so wonderfull!!! I can hardly wait til payday..LOL
  12. Put me in the LOVE pile for Fest of fools. LOVE IT and I have it on now..Muhaahah and my husband who cant usually tell with my scents Loves it as well
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