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  1. I want to try out Native Soil and Mummy Chunks if they are still around by payday. They both sound lovely! I have not been able to afford too many new scents lately, although I did get to order a nice full bottle of Potion 31. Edit to add: Welcome to the forum Yumyum!
  2. Every time I wear this scent it seems to be even more beautiful. A truly lovely perfume.
  3. Oh, I hope you enjoy testing out all your new goodies! Synchronicity is one of my favorites!!
  4. Oh my goodness! All of these scents seem absolutely lovely! I just might end up ordering my first monthly sampler pack. Usually I just pick a scent or two.
  5. Aura Armor: 1) Ajia 2) ivy_fiddlefox 3) Sultry Brunette 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) First Bite: 1)ivy_fiddlefox 2) seamonkey 3) Jo Anna 4) Sultry Brunette 5)for_love_of_him 6) 7) 8)
  6. Oh, I love this scent too! It always makes me feel just a touch more elegant and a bit prettier than I really am. Very sweet and feminine, but sold out so I use I one bottle very sparingly. Gorgeous!
  7. Hi! The unscented pheros can be added to any of the perfume scents! Just add a bottle of the perfume (from the regular perfumery page) and the add in pheros (make sure you pick the add in pheros, the ones that are $20, rather than the full phero bottles) to your shopping cart. There is a little drop down menu on the phero page that lets you pick which pheros you want. When checking out, it might help if you type in a little note saying which pheros go in which perfumes, if you are ordering more than one. I hope this helps! Oh, and a big welcome to the forum!
  8. Hi AncientGoddess! I don't know if it has been shipped yet, of course, but I usually recieve a confirmation of my order several days before it ships out. I know it can be hard waiting (especially with bundles of delicious goodies headed your way), but two weeks isn't really a bad deal since they never charge for shipping in the US. Trust me, the end result is ALWAYS worth the wait!
  9. I absolutely love this scent too, Esmeralda! I am definately saving a least a bit for my wedding day, which I am sure will be many years into the future :abvb: Oh, and you were very helpful! Thank you As for him, I don't think he liked me as much as I thought. Its Monday night, and I still haven't heard from him. Which is sad, because I really, really liked him and I got my hopes up too high
  10. I am really terrible at writing reviews, so bear with me through my ramblings and digressions: So, I had a first date (vain side note: Yeah! This makes two first dates recently. A previously unreached record for me ) on Friday night with a new guy friend. Since I like to move really, really slow I thought that the sweet floral scent of Betrothal would be an absolutely lovely touch. I think it is easily one of the most gorgeous, feminine LP scents. Plus, my most recent order, with a bottle of Treasure Hearts, had just arrived earlier this week. I am still learning about pheros, but I used a little bit about the base of my throat and a touch on the insides of my wrists. Five minutes later, I layered my Betrothal on top. My results were very much unexpected. For all intents and purposes, I thought that Treasured Hearts was supposed to promote bonding and to bring out chivalery in guys. This was not exactly my experience. For the first part of the night, he was an especially sweet gentleman, telling me that he was glad to be out with me and holding my hand. I really liked this reaction. As the night progressed though, his hand attempted to move into previously unchartered territory, only to be sent back to safer ground by me. The next thing I know, he had his tongue jammed down my throat. (I know this does not sound all that sophisticated, but for me thats pretty darn far) Not exactly the bonding experience I expected on the first date. Now I credit any sort of interest on his part to the Treasured Hearts, as under any sort ordinary experience I am far from lust inducing. I'm not really attractive enough to merit a mild ember. Now I am curious to see if the reaction to the combination of Betrothal and Treasure Hearts was a one time fluke, but I am almost afraid to try. Maybe I shall just have to try Betrothal by itself next date. The scent is lovely. Edit to add: I just realized that this might be a case of TMI, so I am quite sorry if I offended anyone.
  11. Yea!! I hope you like it. It is supposed to smell amazing, and I'm pretty sure the pheros work wonders too!
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