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  1. I want to try out Native Soil and Mummy Chunks if they are still around by payday. They both sound lovely! I have not been able to afford too many new scents lately, although I did get to order a nice full bottle of Potion 31. Edit to add: Welcome to the forum Yumyum!
  2. Every time I wear this scent it seems to be even more beautiful. A truly lovely perfume.
  3. Oh, I hope you enjoy testing out all your new goodies! Synchronicity is one of my favorites!!
  4. Oh my goodness! All of these scents seem absolutely lovely! I just might end up ordering my first monthly sampler pack. Usually I just pick a scent or two.
  5. Aura Armor: 1) Ajia 2) ivy_fiddlefox 3) Sultry Brunette 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) First Bite: 1)ivy_fiddlefox 2) seamonkey 3) Jo Anna 4) Sultry Brunette 5)for_love_of_him 6) 7) 8)
  6. Oh, I love this scent too! It always makes me feel just a touch more elegant and a bit prettier than I really am. Very sweet and feminine, but sold out so I use I one bottle very sparingly. Gorgeous!
  7. Hi! The unscented pheros can be added to any of the perfume scents! Just add a bottle of the perfume (from the regular perfumery page) and the add in pheros (make sure you pick the add in pheros, the ones that are $20, rather than the full phero bottles) to your shopping cart. There is a little drop down menu on the phero page that lets you pick which pheros you want. When checking out, it might help if you type in a little note saying which pheros go in which perfumes, if you are ordering more than one. I hope this helps! Oh, and a big welcome to the forum!
  8. Hi AncientGoddess! I don't know if it has been shipped yet, of course, but I usually recieve a confirmation of my order several days before it ships out. I know it can be hard waiting (especially with bundles of delicious goodies headed your way), but two weeks isn't really a bad deal since they never charge for shipping in the US. Trust me, the end result is ALWAYS worth the wait!
  9. I absolutely love this scent too, Esmeralda! I am definately saving a least a bit for my wedding day, which I am sure will be many years into the future :abvb: Oh, and you were very helpful! Thank you As for him, I don't think he liked me as much as I thought. Its Monday night, and I still haven't heard from him. Which is sad, because I really, really liked him and I got my hopes up too high
  10. I am really terrible at writing reviews, so bear with me through my ramblings and digressions: So, I had a first date (vain side note: Yeah! This makes two first dates recently. A previously unreached record for me ) on Friday night with a new guy friend. Since I like to move really, really slow I thought that the sweet floral scent of Betrothal would be an absolutely lovely touch. I think it is easily one of the most gorgeous, feminine LP scents. Plus, my most recent order, with a bottle of Treasure Hearts, had just arrived earlier this week. I am still learning about pheros, but I used
  11. Yea!! I hope you like it. It is supposed to smell amazing, and I'm pretty sure the pheros work wonders too!
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