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  1. I want to try out Native Soil and Mummy Chunks if they are still around by payday. They both sound lovely! I have not been able to afford too many new scents lately, although I did get to order a nice full bottle of Potion 31. Edit to add: Welcome to the forum Yumyum!
  2. Oh, I love this scent too! It always makes me feel just a touch more elegant and a bit prettier than I really am. Very sweet and feminine, but sold out so I use I one bottle very sparingly. Gorgeous!
  3. Hi tweetabird! I have not used Blatant Invitation, but it contains cops (which I do use). Copulins are pretty strongly scented stuff, so I imagine that you would definately want to cover up Blatant Invitation. Most of the scents I've tried do an absolutely lovely job of covering the smell, but some of the lighter scents (such as LP White) allow a bit of the smell to come through. I don't mind it, as any creep through is quite faint, and I've never had any complaints about smelling bad. I would recommend, just experimenting with different samples (whether from LP or elsewhere) until you discove
  4. My order came in the mail today. This really is a beautiful scent, all grown up and sophisticated. I'm not sure I can do it justice. It reminds me a bit of the perfume that my mama used to wear when I was little. It was called Nurell, and has long since been discontinued. I think I shall give this bottle to her as a present. It really is absolutely gorgeous though!
  5. I have a bottle Darbla! I still just learning about pheros, but I'll try it out over the next few days and see if I get anything fun to report :2204:
  6. Fun story, Dolly! Congrats on all your hits. It sounds like you and your sweetie have a very sweet relationship! I may have to try out my pheros sometime if I ever get more daring.
  7. Oh, I love Cuddle Bunny too! Its one of the few that I own two bottles of. It always smells so neat and clean, like laundry, and makes me want to snuggle. :angelstar-kaos058:
  8. All of the upcoming scents sound really nice! I think that I am going to try Taxed (the puppy on the label is absolutely adorable) and possibly Allegro. But I am going to have to wait until I get paid at the end of the month ; at least I am going to try and wait. I guess I just have to experiment with the wonderful scents I already have until then! Oh, and congratulations to Katz, Dolly, Ali, and Scourger for coming up with such wonderful sounding scent ideas!!
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