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  1. I was initially a little hesitant about this one as it seemed a little feminine to me. When I first put it on (wet), it seemed a very sweet combination of the pineapple and citrus and thought "maybe not". But once it dried down it changed considerably on my skin. The sweetness of the pineapple faded way in the back. It is still there, but way in the background. The citrus is still there but not a sweet citrus. At the same time, the musk and bamboo came forward. So once it dried down, this scent became a definite thumbs up for me.
  2. I have been wearing this a couple days now (as I usually do before I do a review) and my take on it is almost the exact opposite of @luna65& @Snoopyace. I actually like this better than the original. The original started and stayed very apple, very sweet, on my skin. This one dries down much less apple & sweet - the apple & the sweetness are still there but not as strong. The amber seems to come through much stronger on this one and the tobacco does not blow up on my skin the way it sometimes does. Plus you get the Love God blend in this one.
  3. quietguy


    Hello and welcome to the fun! I originally came here for the pheromones but stayed for the great scents and community.
  4. This is almost straight vanilla on my skin. @Snoopyaceis right - I smell like I just walked out of my favorite bakery here lol. Not a bad scent by any means although I am not usually a "foodie" scent kind of guy but as long as Mrs. QG is happy, I am happy!
  5. @luna65Has some interesting observations on this years variant that I feel are pretty accurate. There are certain notes that blow up on my skin and Girl Nip has three of them: Tonka, Cocoa, & Tobacco. In the past, the Tonka and Cocoa were almost overpowering because they blow up on my skin so much. This year I have worn Girl Nip several times because it was harder to get my arms around as different notes pushed their way forward unlike last year. 3 out of 4 times the Tonka & Cocoa come through loud and clear. But that fourth time I actually got the resins and sandalwood first like Luna mentioned which caught me by surprise. But even the other three times, the Tonka and cocoa eventually faded a little allowing the other notes to come through. Definitely a winner in my book.
  6. I have a bottle of Sudden Impact - I will have to go back and retest to compare. This is a very classic male scent and again a forum favorite for anyone new reading these reviews. Yes it is different as already described from the original. In this variation the amber and oud seem a little stronger giving it that deeper resinous feel that Luna described. But the tobacco and vanilla give it some sweet notes and my skin always amplifies any tonka notes so they are definitely there also. If you are not familiar with the Charisma pheromone blend there is a good solid thread on it. But basically it is a great social pheromone blend that goes well with this very male scent. Can't go wrong with this one!
  7. This is the only one I have tried so far I cannot wear. I think it is the tobacco note that explodes on my skin. Crazy part is, looking at the ingredients, I thought this was a "for sure" I would enjoy. But ... everyone is different and we all have one or two scents that just don't work for us. So like Luna said above - don't be afraid to give it a shot.
  8. I am not going to make phero recommendations but I think you and the ladies have sorted out which pheromones to use (ie not OCCO up front lol) to send out the right signals to draw in the right guys for the right purpose. As in "I am a high value but approachable young lady interested in a high value guy for potential long term relationship". Remember you are high value so don't put up with "less". Set your standards and boundaries and make them respect both. Sorry - that's the "dad with daughters" in me coming out lol. Dad TED Talk over haha! I think the approachable vibe is key when you combine your height - taller than most guys - with the psychology you see in play: a combination of its easier to have someone throw a punch at you that to get rejected in front of your friends PLUS what seems to be the pressure to dive straight into serious courting in your community - well - it just makes the friendly, approachable phero vibe work more in your favor IMO. If it is any consolation, a lot of guys make make the same mistake - they try to "brute force" the attraction with sexual pheros, go too heavy on application, then just scare off the TG.
  9. I read the notes and said i am gling to love this. When I first applied it, the notes did not seem to match the description above. But once it dried down - really in just a few minutes - it was even better than I thought it would be. Like Luna says, one one hand you have that classic vanilla & sandalwood combination and that balances out the cedar and smoke. Just a great manly scent. I may have to put a slightly more sexual phero under this.
  10. @luna65 gives a very good take on this scent. It is a light "green" scent that would fit in great for the office or anytime you want a clean but understated scent. It is very lightly herbal but again as Luna says, nothing like Eternal Sunshine which both Mrs. QG and I like quite a bit. You can sense hints of the "barbershop" feel but it does not move in that direction either. It is a little understated but the MVP gives it a little extra "oomph".
  11. This is probably my favorite iteration of this great scent. What I like about this iteration is that the vanilla seems to be just a little less foody and the leather is a little more forward. Then you combine it with Heart Throb which is one of the best pheromone mixes around for guys IMO.
  12. Yes the pepper is a little more forward in this rebrew but this has become a favorite scent of mine.I do not wear it often but i wore it today and as always it reminds me of how much I like it.
  13. River is beautiful and the artwork is great. A couple of the labels look like they ould be on wine bottles.
  14. Very good advice and commentary here. Her is going to have to take a look medically if anything is going on there - low testosterone and/or ED. But he has to take ownership of his health part of the equation. The commentary about doing a number on a guy's head is VERY true and as Eve states might well explain why he is rushing through sex with no foreplay - he is going for the intercourse while he knows he has an erection. It may could also explain he is shying away from sugestive texts for fear of creating a build up with you then not being able to carry through. This situation really can mess with a guy's head. So Luna's advice about honest and caring conversation is dead on. Who knows - maybe it is some emotional issue running around inside his head (as opposed to ED due to a physical cause) if he is not one to talk about serious issues. Cannot emphasize that soy thing enough. A lot of "health" foods and even some powdered vitamin formulas are soy based. It can easily knock a guy's testosterone levels down. Yes a lot of guys run off of the "Thrill of pursuit and conquest". But here you need to be careful - if it is ED due to low testosterone or other physical causes, then you pulling back may signal to his already troubled mind an emotional withdrawl caused by your dissatisfaction with the erection issue. Which would only make it worse. Again, I think Luna's suggestion of plain and caring communication is key here. Something else that could cause this issue with a guy - physical performance issues and lack of physical desire while still affectionate - could be a little too much "self indulgence" with pornography. I am not saying it is by any means. I think ED caused by *something* is the most probable issue.
  15. Wow. 1. Could not do that to someone. 2. Not bold enough to try. Just wow.
  16. I love the Sand Box. Glad I included this in an order I just placed. When I run out of Cry Havoc, Sand Box is going to become my new car scent.
  17. I have said her and at other forums, just wear the pheromone and let it do its work. Well it did its work a couple days ago. I wore SS4M with a cologne on top of it. At the grocery store, I am looking for a favorite marinade but cannot find it. There are a couple ladies stocking shelves and I have walked past them then doubled back. Finally I ask one lady - blond, attractive, about my age if not a touch older. As I am telling her what I am looking for, I see her eyes get "that" light in them. And I am thinking "Damn, what did I do to get that look". She tells me I need to look two aisles over. So I head on over there. Just as I find what I am looking for (she was right of course), here she comes around the corner with five items from the previous aisle that I might be interested in. She lays them out neatly in my cart and asks if I might be interested in any of them. It was hard to see them because she was standing so close. With a really big smile on her face. I did not really want any of them but did not want to be rude so I picked one saying it looked interesting, thank you very much, she didn't have to, etc.. Just as I thought she was going to invite herself to dinner, she grabbed the other four items and told me she would be happy to help me find anything else if I needed help and left. I walked away thinking "Wow" and then remembered I was wearing SS4M and not a work mix like both days and suddenly it made sense.
  18. Dear sweet mother of pearl - I am so sorry. What a headache. You have a strong core - I might have jumped off a roof by now.
  19. Toys in th Attic, Haunted Forest & Blud 2019 are spooky ...
  20. Yeah I had to explain to my kids that "back in the day", Converse was pretty much the only choice in "gym shoes" that were not cleats. I was "all that" when I got a pair of Puma? shoes for track - I ran the mile. They were so light weight, it felt almost like I was not wearing shoes.
  21. Wow - congratulations - great job!
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