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  1. The historical references are KILLING ME. History nerd here. I want them ALL, but my bank account won't allow for it!
  2. This sounds amazing. I'm definitely going to try it - my nickname for my SO is "bunny" so it's almost required.
  3. Time to put in a long-desired order... to celebrate my boyfriend getting a new job (and his first paycheck tomorrow!). These all sound so awesome.
  4. I'm not sure if I notice anything different from men in general, but I definitely get my usual "You smell like HUGS!" reaction from both my male and my female friends. I like that this is warm and spicy enough to be close to what I wear during winter, but light enough for year-round. I think I smell like cinnamon roll dough when I wear it.
  5. Any chance of LP Autumn Equinox 2007 and Winter Solstice 2008 (? I think it was 2008 - it smelled like butter!) coming back? I love them to the point of obsession, and I am now OUT. *sob* (I think an awful thirteen year old cousin stole my Winter Solstice last time she was here... I could strangle her. *scream* Don't you know that was limited edition, you little twerp?!)
  6. This is definitely my favorite of everything I've ordered - unfortunately, I lost my sample when I lost my purse. But that gives me an excuse to order a full bottle. It doesn't stay on as long as, say, the love potion varieties I've tried (winter and autumn), but it is THE perfect warm-citrus scent for spring and summer. I like how mellow and true-to-life the various fruit scents are.
  7. A cute barista at Starbucks refused to let me pay for my coffee when I was wearing this. I don't care for the scent as it goes on, at first, but after a few minutes it seems to work with my body chemistry to make sort of a vanilla-spicy scent that works for me. I don't think I'll get it again, but I've been enjoying my sample.
  8. Hi, I'm J - a 24 year old law student from San Francisco. I heard about LPP from the MysticWicks message board. I'm now hooked on LP: Autumnal Equinox (and the winter solstice one sounds like it will also be up my alley). I was really happy with my order because the smell of "real" perfume nauseates me (it always smells very chemical and fake to me), but not the perfume oil. (Also, the turnaround time was really quick!) I generally like warm, spicy food-type scents (vanilla, cinnamon, clove, etc), and citrus scents. So... hi there
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