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  1. Do Wax melts still exist to purchase? I used to get them a few years ago and miss them!!!
  2. Thank you Luna, that sounds like a good idea I may start with 10 drops and go from there!
  3. Ok so I’m thinking of adding about 1ml of oil based un-phero per ounce of my spray bottle of LP original, should this work as a phero enhanced scent?
  4. I hope this is allowed and not breaking any rules by asking this! Hey! I travel a lot and find I end up taking way too many bottles of stuff with me! If I have perfumes that i love both from love potions and fas well as commercial perfumes, and I have bottles of unscented pheromones (i have both spray and roll on form). Is there a way i could create little bottles of pre-mixed perfume/pheromones with my fav perfumes and pheromones to have ready to go so i can carry less when travelling? Would i use roll on unscented pheromones or spray? What percentage of perfume/pheromone would be advised to use? Is there anything i should be weary of when mixing? thank you so so much! i hope there is a way of doing this or im going to have to start travelling without my mones!
  5. Can i please reserve a Lady Victoria's Black Panther and an itty set? Would like to add a mad scientist brew to it too, should i send the info in an email?
  6. Im not a huge fan of the smell of cherries so I applied this one a bit hesitantly. When I first applied it instantly made me wrist smell completely like a fresh bakewell Tarte, and then started to transform into a very marzipan like smell, I really wasn't a fan, it smelt like it would taste good but not what I wanted to smell like. After about 15 min it softened up A LOT, The smells had started to fade and it warmed up. This smell was much nicer, it didn't feel as clashy as it did when I first applied! After a bit more time it mainly smelt of White chocolatte, the cherry still there but extremely faint! It's a nice smell, and pleasantly surprised as went in to this one thinking I'd hate it because of the cherry but it's a smell I could wear. Maybe still a bit too sweet for me! Anyone who likes the smell of melted sweet white chocolatte would love this!!
  7. When I aplied this, i was doing house jobs and looking rather aweful. My boyfriend had been in a funny mood for the past few days, and we hadnt been very intimate. However about 30 min after aplying a little of this, he perked up, and started to get very grabby with me I asked him about the smell and he seemed to love it, inbetween going a little sex crazed.. I think the sexpionage definately worked in this one! In regards to the scent : Initially it had quite a sharp smell but faded fast. A warmer burnt smell started to appear shortly after and then they both started to fade together to form a subtle warm smell. at this point it was quite nice but i cant say i was IN LOVE with it. 10 min later - the slightly sharper smell re-emerged, sweeter and nicer this time, the whole smell was less subtle than before, a burnt warm sweet smell. 1 hour layer - it had become a really nice soft yummy smell, subtle and not too intense. After this final smell its definately one for the shopping list!!! Yumm****
  8. Love this! I feel happy when i wear this one ! great for a general DAYtime! especially if you are having a fun outdoor day! A clean/fruity/happy smell perfect for picnics or sitting in a field =) D <3*
  9. When i first opened the vile of this i FELL IN LOVE, such a pleasing happy fruity light smell. One i put it on me however all the fruity smells disappeared initially leaving very strong woody smell, After a few minutes the wood lift like lifting a piece of wet wood from a patch of spices, quite a spicy smell to it an then finally the fruitiness returns! and more similar to the initial smell in the bottle i fell in love with. A really lovely scent i would wear earthy, fruity and humid D <3*
  10. Quite a quick one when it comes it love potion black, I really wasn't a fan of this smell,for some reason it had a very strong liquorice theme smell to it... and i hate liquorice However my flatmate who LOVES liquorice, kept going on abut how much she liked it and i was a walking liquorice, but she loves that stuff do much my present smell continuously made her happy The smell did calm down however the general feel remained the same =) if you like liquorice GET IT if not.... <3 D xxxxx
  11. Been wearing this one a few times throughout the last couple of weeks. The first time i opened it from the bottle i liked but cant say i fell in love straight away. Once on skin It had a really lean, subtle soft smell to it. Still a great depth to it but light. It has a very caring smell to it, reminds me of calm deep caring emotions. The first few time i wore this i found the apricot smell a little over powering,however the last two times i haven't noticed this...planning on buying the full bottle of this stuff as think its a great feminine everyday base smell, maybe to have in hair etc and then there smells for more exciting days. Definitely a lovely subtle feminine scent with has a caring soft air around it =) Also definitely a smell that grows on you the more you wear it! D <3*
  12. Ahhh! so put this on on my plane journey back home for xmas =) First off it hit me with a fruity but creamy/coffee smell, brought out feelings of sitting in front of a fire or heated fruit (mulled wine). Throughout the flight i couldn't help to keep sniffing it...though it did start to clear after a while and become much sweeter/lighter than the initial creamy consistency! Reading through the ingredients I could definitively distinguish them all, if anything to my particular taste it ws on the heavy side of a smell as SO much going on! quite a bit to take in <3 After leaving it for a while and re smelling an hour or so later, the smell had calmed down and had the safe effect as the smell of tea whens it goes cold into a lighter ice-tea type smell, still as heavy only fresher. My mammy wore it on xmas day and said "just what i need a little help" and said the smell was a pickmeup for her =) Lovely christmasy/homely/comforting smell, maybe a bit on the heaver side for me for day to day use but perfect for reunion days with the family =) D
  13. Helloo I have managed to test drive this one for a couple of days now from my previous LP order. I LOVE this! I put put a bit on my wrists. The smell is lovely, a lot lighter than any of the other scents ive tried so far as they have all been quite heavy sweet smells ive tried up until now. This has a really subtle clean smell to it, just kept sniffing my wrists as it made me feel fuzzy and relaxed! Amazingly the smell kept changing continuously sometimes it had a very "just out of the shower cleanness/freshness, then other times it had a much more feminine smell as the sweet would jump out but then would suddenly have a male smell to it. Really love the smell of this, dont know if would be a perfume of choice to wear out, but to sit indoors and just feel a little happier and fresher it definitely does the job Pheromone review. I tested this when i went to see an old friend who we are extremely connected and get on well, but haven't seen each other for years. There has never been a physical attraction between us, we are only friends, however i did find that with this on any moment where we sat on sofa and limbs touched or we were sat very close, whereas when you haven't seen someone for a long time you could feel very conscious of each others space we were just comfortable and sunk into it. It felt fuzzy nice and simply comfortable no awkward possibly sexual feelings. I really liked the closeness effect it gave As general I really like this one as a subtle at home perfume ) Blessings D
  14. Hello all! ) Very new to here! Im Donna! I received my order from LP about 5 days ago and have had the chance to try a few out! I have worn Odalisque twice! 1st time. The initial smell was extemely strong! dont think i was expecting but amazing it hits you hard and 8 hours later the smell is still going noticeably i loved this! at the end of a long night been able to smell the area and get a whiff of it put a smell on my face. Personally the initial smell wasnt completely to my taste as maybe a little too thick/sweet, i generally prefer lighter/fruitier smells, a tiny bit goes a long way, wich is amazing! however the smell that remains after 8 hours I LOVE, not too strong and still sweet but more subtle! i look forward to finding my perfect fragrance, fom what ive seen so far im sure i am Phero side. 1st night i wore it i put one spray on my left elbow crease, I definitely noticed a hit, not at first however people were definitely much more "oops i touched you" one guy approached me and while he ws talking to me actually kept grabbing my arm, and his spacial bubble was definitive extra close even every time i moved away! Another guy came up singing and asking my name and even when i walked away and conversation got awkward he was following me but almost as if he didnt know himself why..! it was a good night 2nd night, I repeated the same to see if i could see similar effects to judge the hit. lots of people kept coming over and just wanting to talk to me, im pretty sociable anyway however even a few people who normally dont spare me a second glance went out of thee way to join in the conversation and ask question or two. Not as obvious a hit then again the setting was a night out but surrounded by work people! I definitely felt people wanted to be in my company more. Anyhow! thought id share as i spend hours searching reviews before i buy something! Blessings D
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