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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. The first words I had for this were hooooooly crrrrrrap. In a Billy-Connolly-esque Glaswegian accent. Loud enough for the neighbors' neighbors to hear. I always thought red velvet cake and Chambord were a natural pairing. I've looked up several recipes merging the two with all the intent of making one but never got around to it. I still swear I will. Anyway, wet I immediately get a blast of a nice dense chocolatey red velvet cake and boozy raspberry gloop galore, orgasmic enough in itself, but it only keeps getting better on the drydown! The more it dries, the more the depth of the different chocolates, plus the Chambord and black raspberry notes, comes through--and the vanilla. Damn. Shamelessly thick and boozy Bourbon vanilla is the perfect frosting for this which doesnt overpower the raspberry-booze-soaked cake as I imagine a cream cheese frosting note would (and while I love my cream cheese frosting I really wanted the cake and Chambord to be the stars in this) but adds its own sweet creamy and sensual booziness to the picture. Finally, that hint of dragonsblood resin veils it in a deep sexiness that entwines seamlessly with the dark bloody fruit liquor with its own natural dark-fruit undertones, but you know isn't just from the fruit but can't quite place until you cheat and look at the description. There should be a warning label on this that says wear at your own risk of you or other people gnawing your skin off. Mara, this is a bloody masterpiece.
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