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Found 4 results

  1. So I have been experimenting with this mix off and on for the past couple of months. Enough time for testing and to share data informed results. A little background. I was looking for a blend that would give me that confidence/ bubbly cheerleader/queen bee kind of vibe. A feeling of looking cute, feeling cute with a little sass thrown in and enough confidence that would give you an extra wiggle in your walk. I wanted those in my phero-cloud to respond in kind. Results: feelings of inner confidence and assurance, feeling very upbeat with an undercurrent of sass, very playful flirtatious vibe. Gives you confidence while speaking at work. Also gives you a sense of not having to rush anywhere or for anybody. Effects on others: Alpha BF seemed deferential, a little unsure of himself too. Good for getting sexy time started though. With women, they seem very respectful and almost like YOU ARE the head cheerleader/queen bee but not in a jealous way. I would love for someone else to try it and report back to this thread.
  2. Some of the recent posts in the LFM thread has inspired me to take a poll from the ladies here. CK needs to get her groove back so to speak. I have an upcoming gig fire dancing and could use some insight. I sustained an injury 6 months ago that has prohibited me from working out and my normal practice. I've been working really hard this last month or so to get my strength and flexibility back, and lose the 20 lbs I gained. Halfway to my normal self and feeling pretty good but could use a boost. Being dormant, not socially active, and dealing with some seriously stressful family situations has also left me out of the loop in using pheros for a bit. If you wanted to dance like everyone is watching, like televised, halftime Super Bowl show, and you know you're so bad ass that not even the tabloids could criticize your actions, ( but still approachable )what would you wear and why? I'm assuming such info would be useful for any ladies out there.
  3. Hello to the gents of LP! I'm hoping you'll be good enough to help me out with some suggestions for phero blends that can help a shy man who could use a confidence boost. Really, the selfies are more important than the effects on those around him, so I imagine these will vary a lot among you in whether you get them at all and how those manifest. That being said I imagine pheros that make people treat you like The Man will boost one's confidence, too! I know there might also be some unisex pheros are helpful for this and suggestions in that direction are fine, but I'm especially clueless on the men's blends! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, BTW. This section of the boards is like a foreign country to me.
  4. Any suggestions on a good scent/phero blend or unscented phero to use for myself when networking/interviewing? 13 years ago I was at the top of my career but decided to become a SAHM, volunteer & raise my two young sons... don't regret it, but now that they are more independent (15 & 18) I'm wanting to head back to the workforce... the challenge is getting BACK into the industry at my age (55) when so many companies opt to hire younger (less experience for less $$) AND getting my career (vs. "Mommy) groove back. I guess I'm looking for a scent that will help with my confidence and energy, while perhaps having an edge on the competition (other candidates vying for the position) with a phero or blend that might have positive effects on the person(s) I'm interviewing with (the industry has both male and females in power positions, so I don't want to give off something that another female could unconsciously pick up as "competition", if that makes sense.)
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