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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. We ask our beloved customers to try Aja instead of their usual copulins – use it in the same way as they would those other products - in order to gauge both its usefulness and its olfactory impact. It emulates a "dirty" honey type of scent but its natural source may mean some will find it more palatable than other alternatives.
  2. So the last two times I wore my Snugaliscous (beautiful scent by the way), I have felt more outgoing? More confident and definitely more sexy. More flirty (mixed in with a little slutty ??). But very pleased with myself. I'm used to feeling confident with the nones but this is a different type of confidence. It's more social. If that makes sense?
  3. I am a first time poster. First time buying from Love Potion. AND, yesterday was the first time I wore my blend. I bought Perfect Match because my relationship of many many years has been very hard lately...frustrating, annoying, and the bond seems to be fading. I was hoping that this blend would not only make us be more connected and empathetic to each other, and make me feel a little sexier and hopefully feel wanted again. I went from a girl 8 years ago who had crazy confidence and guys flocking at my feet to someone who feels bad about herself. I have been working very hard on myself fo
  4. I just recently received a bunch of new samples that I purchased and I've fallen completely in love with Tropique and LAM. I love the way they smell and love the way I feel when I wear them. Having said that, in the past I like it when I walk in an elevator and people comment that I smell good or co-workers would say, I knew you were already here because I could smell how great you smell. Because I'm new to pheromones and cops I'm nervous to put very much on. How much can I wear?? I've read that you shouldn't put cops near your face, is that because cops normally smells bad and that wouldn
  5. Hi, all. Merry Christmas. And nothing says Christmas like cops questions, don't you think? I didn't find exactly this question when I looked through the boards, so I'm assuming this is a new one. If it's not then I apologise to the mods/admins. Now, there's lots of helpful info on here about where you should and *should not* wear cops. Away from the face/hair and down on the torso seem to be the best bet. In addition, Mara noted (and others joined in agreement) that places on the body that produce their own personal scents (behind the ears) should not have cops (or pheros?) applied the
  6. Hi I'm new to LP but not new to the phero world. I actually stumbled upon this site after lots of digging from other forums XD I was determined to find new places that sell more female pheros that actually WORK! So far (from reading the reviews and forums here) LP seems promising I just ordered Leather with a shot of cops (the silicone roll on version) and a trial sample of Sex & Violins since the description sounded AMAZING! I was really torn between Dominance and Leather but opted for Leather just in case Dom was too much for me lol Its my first time with a roll on o-O so we'll see how
  7. Maraaaaaaaa!!!! You outdid yourself with this, thank you SOOOOOO much. It's like you got in my head! Colour (impression, not oil) :definitely PINK! The first hit is intensely carnation-y but then it quickly rounds out to include the sweet, pink, turkish delight type rose, not an invasive rose but warm and smooth, the patchouli, being a white patchouli sits in the background just keeping it all together, and the marshmallows sweeten it but not to the point of overshadowing the carnation. The cops aren't really detectable. I wanted something I could wear that had cops, but definitely wou
  8. Heres a question...I'm sorry if it's a repeat of one, but I've searched through the boards and was unable to come up with anything. Does anyone know if there is any difference in cops' effect on guys who are naturally high in testosterone? If there even is such a thing? My target guy was Army, loveS guns and shooting, has a harley is just super GUYish and also has a really low voice...so I'm guessing that he might be. Would he need more or less cops than average? Or are there any blends that might work especially well? Last week I used some LAM pink during a visit last week and honestly within
  9. So here's my story: I'm generally a skeptic of just about anything....seeing is believing in my book. When I stumbled upon Pheros, I looked at several sites, read some of the forums and found plenty of 'infomercial' style websites claiming that pheros would get you just about anything. I figured that the possibility of disappointment was fairly high but after I discovered the LP website, I was curious enough to give it a try anyway. I was interested in creating more intimacy, open communication and, of course, the hopes of great sex so I leaned towards items with Beta/Alpha-Androstenol
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