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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 2 results

  1. I'm doing a side-by-side comparison of Passion in Pink and LP Pink...as I think most will have that to compare it to. Passion in Pink is a much more sheer pink than LP Pink. LP Pink has a more sugar-berry-foody pink punched up with the LP base, and Passion has the feminine rose-sugar-pink vibe to it. I think it could easily be worn as a work scent without clobbering anyone with your girly side...i.e. it's not too candy-bubblegum-teenybopper! I like H&S with this, it's sweet and comforting as a pair.
  2. Hi ladies, I need help! I just reunited with a beautiful guy who I've known for four years, but we've lived in different states. He's ten years younger, and I know that Cougar will help with the obvious, and I absolutely love the smell and how it makes me feel...but I need to add something to make him feel close to me. I'm kind of a fwb right now, and has been since i met him (vegas will do that) which would have been ok with me (my first and last fwb) except this time he makes my knees week and my heart melt. I think because of my age and (ugh, I'm not Jewish) situation he doesn't see me as a viable long term match and thinks of things as fun only. But we have so much in common and the same likes and sense of humor...I'd like to think that if he spends time with me he might see that too. (I know, off on the wrong foot but it's too late now...) we finally live in the same city and things could actually go somewhere if I play it right. What should I be using to promote bonding, caring and commitment?? And of course lust and obsession My guess is that I'd need Cougar, EST, and perfect match? Heart and soul? I need help from the experienced! I also have no idea how to get these all into one..without smelling ridiculous. Any ideas!!?? Thank you thank Thank thank you!
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