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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I know some phero’s can be combined or "topped off". I’ve used scents boosted with Cougar and topped off with Topper or LAM (1-2 sprays) but I am wondering about some other pairings. The Cougar/LAM combo definitely gained a lot of attention and mostly from younger guys but the attention seemed to only be sexual. Which is great sometimes, but others, you want to have a conversation as well lol. I am looking for a good social/sexual to top off with a bonding. Is that even possible? Something to grab attention and then keep it. Since I love Cougar so much, I was thinking to use Cougar and maybe pair with Gotcha or Open Windows. Does anyone have some suggestions of a good combo?
  2. Hey, ladies! Below is a list of all the scents I currently have in my arsenal. Some of the bottles are older bottles that were purchased a while back and only have a little bit in each bottle. I will indicate that next to those fragrances that only have the small amount. Anyway, if anyone has time, could you please review my inventory and tell me what would be the best blends to put together? Thanks so much in advance! Here is the list... Phero-enhanced fragrances: LAM, Rocket Fuel, BAM, LFN, Totem Goat, Pouncing Potion, LP Incandescence, LP Tropique, Aja, G&L, Horny, Totem Beaver, Unbridled, Sexology, OCCO Red (small amt left), CP (small amt left) La Sylphide (small amt left), Caressful Breeze, and Kitten Nip Unenhanced fragrances: Totem Monkey, Honey Whip, Candy Tuft Tea, Flowers in the Moat, Totem Horse, Velvet & Steel, LP Latte, Shelly B's Secret Garden, Give Peas a Chance, Élan Vitale, Pleasure Valley, Purple Pitch, Rose of Shrewsbury, Candy Pop, Bayou Musk, Ghost Bumps, Sang Real, Pumpkin Soufflé, and Gothic Xmas
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