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  1. Hi all, My name is Lisa and I've been skulking around your message boards for a few days. I'm new to pheromones, but have a lot of experiencing as a perfume blender for a previous soap and lotion making business. I purchased someone else's EOW a couple of weeks ago and had a tragic situation where I was sitting next to super crush and the smell of homeless women toe cheese was wafting around the room, coming from my cleveage. Clearly, I need a "clue." But holy crap. .. I'm already addicted! After sending multiple emails to Mara to figure this out, I thought I would just introduce myself to the wise ones and maybe you can help me. A little about me: Almost 50, recently had a hysterectomy so I am feeling "blah" in the attraction dept. Have a super crush on a fellow who I attend church with once a week and the guy adores me but has never asked me out. . which is why I need pheromones!!! I am also a super alpha sales manager lady so I need to feminize myself via clothes and scents. I bought a few trials, but that's like getting a sample at See's candies. Not going to work. I bought Gotcha and Treasured Hearts in unscented roll on. I also just put in a special order for an Une Scent with LFM and added cops. Bascially everything I ordered has cops because I suspect that is what I'm missing because I haven't been asked out in almost 2 years and although plus sized, I gotta say I'm looking pretty darned good these days! I want to blend my own creations and I'm a huge fan of honey-amber-clove combinations. So my questions: 1) Knowing I put some cops in everything thus far and it's all oil, where do I wear this stuff so mankind actually smells it on me. 2) Can I add cops to a 60/40 spray and not suffer the previously mentioned situation from occuring. 3) If I use a spray, where do I apply that? Should I be ordering a spray instead of oil since I'm a smoker? 4) Does Sweet Spot refer to the amount you apply vs. the location of the applications? 5) I've order Gotcha, Treasured Hearts (no cops) and Une with Cops and LFM. How much is enough? 6) I keep reading about boosters. What are those and how do I order boosters? 7) If a booster is the added pheromone and it is so they don't add it to the perfume oil but give me a vial alongside, is that a way to do a "sample size" trial of that pheromone intead of ordering a full bottle? and most importantly, 8) What do I order next to a) get that LOVE thing going since I'm surrounded by hot guys who never ask me out and have a honey-amber-clove or nutmeg kind of smell that isn't foodie. I was looking at Rocket Fuel III with Bang, or Super Sexy. Or LP Red with either of those blends. Please help! Thanks! Lisa
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