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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Hey there everyone! I hope all is well, I'm new here in the phero world and if you could, I need some advice and recommendations. I'd like to place an order soon which pretty well covers my schedule/environments/routine and I'm not really sure what I should get. I'm really interested in hearing your go-to's. My personality is very flirty, a bit wild, sometimes a bit of a bad girl, but with a bit of innocence if that makes sense. I'm not sure if this has anything to help take into account in narrowing options down. I'm hoping to make the order worth it and get a small variety. And grab some others in samples. I'm looking at mainly attractants I believe for the most part: 1. Something I could wear on dates thatd be sensual/seductive/sexually attracting. so maybe one that'd leave them head over heels, not necessarily in a way that'd scare them away but that'd have them thinking of me and wanting more (lusting?) 2. Something that'd be great for nights out, (I normally love going out dancing and to the bars) so maybe something that'd be more of a head turner as I walk past/popularity enhancing maybe? And again that's sensual/seductive/sexually attracting. 3. Something that I'd be able to wear at work Sexy, flirty, but not slutty or one that gives off a "fuck me right here right now" vibe. (I'm a bartender so I talk a lot with people, and there are tons of gorgeous options that come by) 4. And last but not least something good in the sack. (Yeah, I couldn't think of any other way of putting it..) I was also wondering if a boost is needed on any of the fragrances, would just a dab of essence suffice? Honestly, before I decided to resort to making this post I tried doing some research on the products offered here (reviews and descriptions). There were just so many to choose from so ultimately I got confused. Even when I was looking at ingredients I have no idea what ingredient produces what reaction, so I was at a standstill (I feel like a dumbass for not understanding). I'd really appreciate any and all help, thanks everyone! P.S. I'm really sorry for the longass novel I wrote here.. And thanks again to anyone that's able to read through this giant thing and help me.
  2. Hello ladies, I'm brand new here and have been reading the forums voraciously, and am literally practically trembling with excitement and anticipation about entering this fabulous brand-new world! I'm a long time fragrance/perfume lover and addict, but am new to using cops and pheromones. I'm 50 and married. I've been compiling a list of samples and even a FB or two...sounds like I MUST have Love Potion original and Red! My DH is somewhat anosmic due to a many many years ago addiction to a certain sniffed illegal drug. Clean and sober for about 20 years now, so that's all good, just the lingering effects of a weak sense of smell. I wear fragrance every single day for myself and can't imagine not wearing it. He *can* smell, just not that well. I, on the other hand have an extremely sensitive nose and am good at picking out notes in perfumes, wines, etc. So. Besides some fabulous new perfumes that just plain smell delicious for me, I'm very interested in trying some Pheros and cops. We are currently living in the rented finished basement apartment of my in-laws' home. Yes. It is as sucky as it sounds, and thank god we're moving in two months. There's been a lot of stress we've both been under lately due to that, as well as the greater fact that hubby recently fought, won, and kicked cancer's butt! ) We did an intensive all-natural therapy that was very demanding and time consuming. I even cut back my work hours to half time so I could help him with juicing and food prep for the cancer treatment. It's been a stressful year and a half in many ways (but thank god he has beat this thing and is now cancer free-SO ate full and happy), and we kind of "forgot" about our...ahem...physical relationship. We've been distracted, stressed out, and just too tired. Things are finally getting back to more normal, and I want "us" back! We are doing great out of the bedroom, we have a great, loving relationship and very good communication, but the spice and sexy has kind of sputtered out. I have put on some weight, he has too. I have lost about half of it and have about 20 lbs to go, and don't have as much body confidence as I used to, which is a huge mood-killer for me, as I used to be very confident and initiated "playtime" a lot, which he loved and was very in to, and responsive and receptive to. What I am looking for, is something to "wake up" our sexual desire for each other, break through some shyness and rustiness on both our parts, and get us back in the groove. I'd also really like it if he was more of the initiator more often. I'm usually the one who starts things--its always been that way-it's not recent. I'd like him to be more "man" to my "woman" if that makes sense. ? Is it also possible to inspire him to feel extra turned on by me and "present"? Like, slow down and want to please *me*? LOL I could use a little boost of "feel good" and some sexual female confidence for myself, too. We talk about all this, and agree, and hug and cuddle and laugh and say we really need to...(you know..I don't want to use inappropriate words on the forum)...more. But we don't. I KNOW for a fact that we both want to, because when I can't stand it anymore (my sex drive has always been a bit higher than his) and I jump him, lol, it's awesome and we are both like, "WOW, why don't we do that WAY More often?!?!" I've read good things about LAM (still have to look up what that stands for!) and have that on my list, and maybe Compromising Positions. Our kids are grown and out of the house, so no worries there, lol! As he doesn't have a great sense of smell, it's rare that he comments on my perfumes, but the ONE he consistently notices and comments on positively is a Dragon's Blood oil perfume I have and wear sometimes. He husk it's "spicy". I tend to go for things like Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, Fruity, Dragon's Blood, some gourmand, Amber, Patchouli, and Woods, and am not much of a floral girl. As for my style I'm kind of a boho hippie chick, lol. I know he also likes cinnamon (don't they all? lol) If anyone has any suggestions, I'd so very much appreciate them. After gong through such a rough period and coming out victoriously cancer free on the other side, I want so much to settle back into our comfy, normal, sexy, fun, lovey selves. Everything else is there, it's just that our sex life just kind of went pppffftt! ...WE WANT IT BACK! Thank you so much for reading this and for your help and wonderful giving hearts. I love how this is such a friendly community, and I have learned so much from all of you already! Thanks in advance, and hugs.
  3. Used to lurke now I've joined! I ordered a sample deal and I'm about to order sexpionage I think! I have had the pleasure of trying a few of the perfumes already and well I think I'm addicted
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