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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. I have browsed the forum and noticed that there were some threads that discussed a woman's cycle and fragrances. I also came across a thread that discussed whether pheros can be absorbed by the skin and the potential effects on hormones. I did not find any threads discussing whether a cycle can effect pheros. I am asking because I tested a new blend over a couple of days, varying the amount etc...and the results were not aligned with the intention of the phero. Here I am a few days later and its that time for me. I reported my results on another forum and we covered congruence etc and I feel like my body language and the like was on point and I was congruent, but looking back I wonder if my cycle had anything to do with it? I am wondering whether or not a woman's cycle can impact the way a phero responds? Especially wondering if maybe my ovulating had anything to do with it? This blend had only a tiny amount of cops, but maybe my ovulating boosted the cops I was giving off perhaps? I do plan on retesting this blend at another time.
  2. Hello ladies, I'm brand new here and have been reading the forums voraciously, and am literally practically trembling with excitement and anticipation about entering this fabulous brand-new world! I'm a long time fragrance/perfume lover and addict, but am new to using cops and pheromones. I'm 50 and married. I've been compiling a list of samples and even a FB or two...sounds like I MUST have Love Potion original and Red! My DH is somewhat anosmic due to a many many years ago addiction to a certain sniffed illegal drug. Clean and sober for about 20 years now, so that's all good, just the lingering effects of a weak sense of smell. I wear fragrance every single day for myself and can't imagine not wearing it. He *can* smell, just not that well. I, on the other hand have an extremely sensitive nose and am good at picking out notes in perfumes, wines, etc. So. Besides some fabulous new perfumes that just plain smell delicious for me, I'm very interested in trying some Pheros and cops. We are currently living in the rented finished basement apartment of my in-laws' home. Yes. It is as sucky as it sounds, and thank god we're moving in two months. There's been a lot of stress we've both been under lately due to that, as well as the greater fact that hubby recently fought, won, and kicked cancer's butt! ) We did an intensive all-natural therapy that was very demanding and time consuming. I even cut back my work hours to half time so I could help him with juicing and food prep for the cancer treatment. It's been a stressful year and a half in many ways (but thank god he has beat this thing and is now cancer free-SO ate full and happy), and we kind of "forgot" about our...ahem...physical relationship. We've been distracted, stressed out, and just too tired. Things are finally getting back to more normal, and I want "us" back! We are doing great out of the bedroom, we have a great, loving relationship and very good communication, but the spice and sexy has kind of sputtered out. I have put on some weight, he has too. I have lost about half of it and have about 20 lbs to go, and don't have as much body confidence as I used to, which is a huge mood-killer for me, as I used to be very confident and initiated "playtime" a lot, which he loved and was very in to, and responsive and receptive to. What I am looking for, is something to "wake up" our sexual desire for each other, break through some shyness and rustiness on both our parts, and get us back in the groove. I'd also really like it if he was more of the initiator more often. I'm usually the one who starts things--its always been that way-it's not recent. I'd like him to be more "man" to my "woman" if that makes sense. ? Is it also possible to inspire him to feel extra turned on by me and "present"? Like, slow down and want to please *me*? LOL I could use a little boost of "feel good" and some sexual female confidence for myself, too. We talk about all this, and agree, and hug and cuddle and laugh and say we really need to...(you know..I don't want to use inappropriate words on the forum)...more. But we don't. I KNOW for a fact that we both want to, because when I can't stand it anymore (my sex drive has always been a bit higher than his) and I jump him, lol, it's awesome and we are both like, "WOW, why don't we do that WAY More often?!?!" I've read good things about LAM (still have to look up what that stands for!) and have that on my list, and maybe Compromising Positions. Our kids are grown and out of the house, so no worries there, lol! As he doesn't have a great sense of smell, it's rare that he comments on my perfumes, but the ONE he consistently notices and comments on positively is a Dragon's Blood oil perfume I have and wear sometimes. He husk it's "spicy". I tend to go for things like Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, Fruity, Dragon's Blood, some gourmand, Amber, Patchouli, and Woods, and am not much of a floral girl. As for my style I'm kind of a boho hippie chick, lol. I know he also likes cinnamon (don't they all? lol) If anyone has any suggestions, I'd so very much appreciate them. After gong through such a rough period and coming out victoriously cancer free on the other side, I want so much to settle back into our comfy, normal, sexy, fun, lovey selves. Everything else is there, it's just that our sex life just kind of went pppffftt! ...WE WANT IT BACK! Thank you so much for reading this and for your help and wonderful giving hearts. I love how this is such a friendly community, and I have learned so much from all of you already! Thanks in advance, and hugs.
  3. I originally found LP because my mom is dating again after a messy divorce and pheros were intriguing to me. Thanks to google and LPMP I'm now a bit obsessed with researching pheros in general and could use a little help/ advice for myself. Here it goes, all out. My hubby and I are over 40, 20 incredible years together and I have a boyfriend in his 50's. We are all friends, everything is honest and open, no secrets. I never dreamed I would be in a poly relationship but after 4 years of the worst sexual tension imaginable between the now BF and I the three of us took the plunge into what has been our relationship of three years. Generally speaking everything is great. The trouble is the BF suffers from anxiety and depression,being witness to the bad days can tear my heart out. He is also the only one that struggles with the social fears of acceptance in regards to our relationship. He has a bit of baggage from the ex wife, and some abandonment issues. Sometimes he subconsciously tries to push me away. I'm sure that some of that comes from having very traditional upbringing and views about relationships and an internal struggle with being the "third". None of us ever planned or imagined this would happen. When his depression gets the best of him he makes comments about how I'm going to go away too. He is a drear friend to my hubby and I love him very much, although there are no certainties in relationships, I don't see myself going anywhere, away from him, unless he decides to leave. What started out as friendship and the most animalistic, primal attraction I have ever experienced has turned into a very compassionate and loving relationship. My husband and I were both raised with good ol traditional values but as adults we have learned that love doesn't necessarily follow rules. The advice part: I would welcome any thoughts on what pheros I could wear that may help ease his anxiety without losing the sexual spark that exists between us. This is a very sincere request and I would appreciate casting personal judgements aside.
  4. Has anyone noticed whether or not pheros have an impact on their pets? I have been wearing and testing pheros for a long while now and my cat never had a reaction to them whenever I had them on. Until....I started testing Sexpionage. I haven't been able to properly try this out on humans yet, but the two times my cat has been exposed to Sexpionage she has gone insane. Its like catnip to her. She is pretty affectionate, but with this she gets ridiculously cloying. 1. She gives me this intense eye contact that she will not break - EVER. If I stare at her, if I look away - she will continue to stare at me - directly into my eyes. 2. She has to sit in my lap. She is a lap cat somewhat, but with Sexpionage this is times 10000. I can't get her to leave, move, no matter what I am doing or she throws a fit, digs in her heels and will use her body weight to stay in place. All the while giving me the intense eye contact. LOL! 3. If I get up to move - she is right underfoot. If I go to another room- she is under foot. She races to try and figure out my next move so she can beat me there because she has to be there too. All the while she is wailing - upset that I am moving - and still giving me the intense eye contact. 4. She rubs her head and face all over my app points and this can go on for hours if I allow her to - and in between she is giving me intense eye contact. I just thought this was so funny and interesting and I feel a bit bad .... I am pherobombing my kitty and making her crazy.
  5. Hey, ladies! Below is a list of all the scents I currently have in my arsenal. Some of the bottles are older bottles that were purchased a while back and only have a little bit in each bottle. I will indicate that next to those fragrances that only have the small amount. Anyway, if anyone has time, could you please review my inventory and tell me what would be the best blends to put together? Thanks so much in advance! Here is the list... Phero-enhanced fragrances: LAM, Rocket Fuel, BAM, LFN, Totem Goat, Pouncing Potion, LP Incandescence, LP Tropique, Aja, G&L, Horny, Totem Beaver, Unbridled, Sexology, OCCO Red (small amt left), CP (small amt left) La Sylphide (small amt left), Caressful Breeze, and Kitten Nip Unenhanced fragrances: Totem Monkey, Honey Whip, Candy Tuft Tea, Flowers in the Moat, Totem Horse, Velvet & Steel, LP Latte, Shelly B's Secret Garden, Give Peas a Chance, Élan Vitale, Pleasure Valley, Purple Pitch, Rose of Shrewsbury, Candy Pop, Bayou Musk, Ghost Bumps, Sang Real, Pumpkin Soufflé, and Gothic Xmas
  6. I saw that there was a thread about what fragrance notes are you, but I am wondering if there are some pheros that you are naturally congruent with? For example I could probably not get away with Dominance because that it so outside of who I was and no matter how hard I tried to be congruent. Unless I was highly upset, then maybe. For example I am learning that est really works well for me in a natural effortless way. Do any of you feel/experience anything similar?
  7. I remember on another thread the topic of social engineering came up, but I was wondering has anyone ever felt any guilt re: pheros? I have been testing LP products and I have gotten some amazing hits. I am not complaining. But some of the hits have been ridiculous. Just over the top, out of the ordinary things that I KNOW would not happen were I to be phero free. So sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt. I haven't been able to entrap a member of the male species long term with pheros yet, but I have been able to get a lot of random male attention, free stuff, free expensive stuff from men and women, all manner of help, offers for help, have people treat me like a VIP, be subservient towards me...... and sometimes I do get feel a bit of guilt. The people around me are in awe at the new treatment that they are witnessing and they gasp (I gasp) at the stories I am collecting. I need to wipe my conscience clean.
  8. In looking forward the upcoming summer months (getting excited), it occurred to me that the pheros/cops may be impacted by some activities associated with summer. I couldn't find anything posted already, so hoping this is the first time it's been asked. Apologies if this is a duplicate topic. Wanted to get your input please: Are pheros affected by swimming? Mind you, I'm not someone who does laps or anything extensive, but will take a quick dip int the water to cool off. Does it matter if in fresh water or salt water? (ie, lake or ocean) I saw someone post about citrus (I think) causing photo-sensitivity. Do any of the other ingredients need special considerations with regards to sun and water? Any tips on things to consider if not going to be in the water, but may be outside for several hours (hence, sweating)? Does deliver and/or base need to be considered? ie, roll-on, spray ... oil, alcohol, silicone Many thanks!
  9. I was discussing something else on another thread and as a tangent to the topic, Missdarlyncherie said that she felt that Gotcha was a good blend to enhance relationships with women. What are some other pheros that are good for this?
  10. I was just wondering can a social mone play off of the wearer as sexual? I wore a purely social mone with no cops and I was called beautiful about 1.2 million times from about 1.2 million men. I was also fawned over, but mostly almost exclusively by men both straight and gay. I literally had a fanboy/base creation moment with this phero that blew me away. It literally sucked the men into my orbit. I was just standing there. Now with cops blend LP's and otherwise it is rare to get a guy to say something to me no matter how little. They will look and notice, but the social/nonsexual mone really magnetized them and they would not stop talking to me. Women would give me DIHLs, but the men really seemed to be affected.
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