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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 5 results

  1. This is a *wonderful* carrier for Popularity Potion, it's a happy, yummy foody scent! Delicious vanilla cake, a very gentle orange note, sweet frosting all the way through... I think you guys will LOVE this one. NOT as buttery as Kanary Kreme, but in that same happy delicious nommable realm!
  2. Just got this in the mail and I know it has to settle. Initially, I get vanilla frosting with spice, maybe nutmeg. Really soft sandalwood in the background. After about 10 minutes, the spice came to the forefront (definitely clove, maybe nutmeg). Mara, what is the spice? I feel like a mulled vanilla chai latte! YUM!
  3. HI all, If there is already a thread on this & I missed it - please move as I don't want to create extra topic. I'm a fan of frangant waters & would love to hear everyone's take on the fragrance & experiences (face/body hydration, how long hydration & scent lasts and takes on the scents). Also any selfies due to uplifting or other fragrant properties. Any experience/ recommendations with magickal intent - like other waters - florida water, queen hungary water etc. Luckily, FP gives magickal intent of ingredients like with all else - gracias!! Went to Perfumerie and found following varieties/ flavors - copied/ pasted all from Perfumerie just to have for ref on thread. Bourbon Vanilla Maple In the mode of our classic LPMP delectable seduction construction, a scent which will turn heads and stop traffic! A heart of exquisite true Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract and Tahitian Vanilla extract is further sweetened with vanilla, maple and caramel flavorings...deliciously complex but with a natural aura courtesy of its real ingredients. Buttercream Rose You'll take the cake! Decorate yourself in this creamy dreamy concoction of vanilla buttercream frosting with a touch of brown sugar flavoring infused with exotic ornate Indian Rose attar...because the most wonderful flowers are always edible... Essential Bliss The most essential of experiences...welcome to our olfactory dream-factory, where soothing peaceful relaxation is assured with our blissful blend of Fennel Seed extract, real Marshmallow flavoring and Oakmoss Resinoid. Lovers of our Sogni Incantati fragrance will bask in reverie. Essential Harmony The most essential of experiences...welcome to our olfactory spa, with a clean woody unisex scent containing essential oils which are known to promote the qualities of balance, love and harmony: Carnation, Damiana, wild Katrifay, Ylang Ylang, Cistus (Labdanum), Holy Basil, Muhuhu, and Jamarosa Root. Breathe in and out, center yourself in the here and now, seek your moment to resonate with all things. Essential Mystique The most essential of experiences...welcome to our olfactory spa, with an alluring sensual unisex fragrance featuring a blend of essential oils, extracts and attars known for promoting the qualities of love, lust, fertility, sensuality, success and happiness: Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver, given a soft sweet swirl of Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Oleo Resin. Breathe in and out, center yourself in the here and now and let Desire lead the way. Essential Vitality The most essential of experiences...welcome to our olfactory spa, with a fresh uplifting unisex fragrance featuring a blend of essential oils known for promoting the qualities of focus and mental clarity, confidence, calm, healing and purification: Eucalyptus, German Blue and Roman Chamomiles, Australian Tea Tree, Peppermint, Cypress, Rosemary, Cedar, and Lavender. Breathe in and out, center yourself in the here and now, today is the day in which you will accomplish whatever you resolve. Honey Bunny Get your admirers all a-buzz with the rich golden aura of this sex bomb sniff...three types of honey wearing a gilded fruity crown of bright ripe papaya, nectarine, guava and a tart tease of raspberry. Hot Spun Sugar We have created the ultimate cotton candy scent...blended exclusively of flavorings this is a swoon-worthy swirling of cotton candy, sweet white sugar, gooey warm caramel and just a smooch of pretty pink strawberry which will make you feel absolutely irresistibly delectable! Orange Almond Give yourself a citrus spritz of liquid sunshine! An amazingly juicy true orange heart subtly grounded with a warm note of almond flavoring, lending a complimentary sophistication to this fresh-squeezed scent. (Note: this scent utilizes natural almond flavorings, customers with nut allergies should exert caution in use.) Tropical Cupcake A taste of paradise! A scrumptious cupcake creation: a mix of buttery dough and vanilla butter with natural Tahitian vanilla extract, a kiss of caramel and Princess and Red Velvet cupcake flavorings topped with creamy tropical coconut and a dash of bright breezy pineapple. Velvet Coffee Cream Smooth and deeply delicious, like you just stepped out of a gourmet coffeehouse! Blended with natural coffee flavoring and two-fold vanilla extract, let your skin take a scented coffee break with the firming, toning and brightening benefits of this caffeinated treat.
  4. After a stupendously shitty Friday (I didn't realize "Friday the 13th" was actually a thing!) I came home to two awesome packages. Day: brightened. But as I almost immediately had to leave again for the weekend I didn't get to really play with anything till now. But play we shall! Wet: immediately get the oatmeal cookie dough, I feel like I'm getting a little buttery in a guilty-pleasure mmm-I'm-not-baking-for-health way… After a few minutes on me the chocolate-chips come out a bit more with the vanilla and is fast becoming an ice-cream sandwich on my skin. Temptation to gnaw wrist: Increasing. (Unfortunately my body remained comprised of flesh and bone and not, in fact, dessert.) Maybe it's just my chemistry but I am not yet able to detect the bacon, but it's early yet; we'll see what happens over time. Maybe if I go to the gym and sweat like a pig… So far so love. Thanks, Mara, this is brill! Am I supposed to be able to stop smelling myself, because that's not going to happen. Just holding out hope for a bit more bacon - but really, whoever isn't?
  5. So here's my story: I'm generally a skeptic of just about anything....seeing is believing in my book. When I stumbled upon Pheros, I looked at several sites, read some of the forums and found plenty of 'infomercial' style websites claiming that pheros would get you just about anything. I figured that the possibility of disappointment was fairly high but after I discovered the LP website, I was curious enough to give it a try anyway. I was interested in creating more intimacy, open communication and, of course, the hopes of great sex so I leaned towards items with Beta/Alpha-Androstenol and Estratetraenol with Cops. My first order was for a full size Sexology III in the roller bottle and trials of Extra-Curricular Proclivities, Compromising Positions and Cougar. The package arrived on Thursday and I was throwing an early Thanksgiving day party that Saturday so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out on my unsuspecting BF. On Friday, I used Sexology for the first time. When I put it on, the scent seemed a little strong at first but it is not unbearable. It is definitely musky with cinnamon spicy overtones. Almost immediately, I noticed a difference in my BF...he was more attentive, more agreeable, more helpful and seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing. I almost had to laugh at one point because he walked past me and said 'I keep smelling something...Do you smell that?', then he dismissed it just as quick. Saturday, I put it on again but added a couple drops of Compromising Positions right before everyone started arriving for the party. I love this scent..it is warm and yummy with heaps of sweet creamy vanilla. There were plenty of compliments from the guests and everyone seemed to be making sure that I was able to enjoy myself, despite being the host. Again, the unsuspecting BF hardly left my side and kept touching my back and playing with my hair. I added a couple more drops of Compromising Positions to the Sexology that night before we went to bed. The following day we had the most amazing sex...the kind that you have in the beginning of a relationship, not after 3+ years of living together. It was in the middle of the day which is COMPLETELY off base for him...usually it is a morning or night thing. That pretty much sealed the deal for me....How much more proof is there? Needless to say, I have already placed another order for unscented Perfect Match and BAM. We are going to Disney World Dec 2nd-12th for my birthday so I am crossing my fingers, hoping (on a whim) that they will arrive before then! LP has absolutely made a devoted fan out of me!
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