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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. WATERMELON ~ Water magic, fertility. SAGE ~ Healing, prosperity, cleansing. Wisdom, longevity, protection, wishes granted. BLUE CHAMOMILE ~ Prosperity, calming & soothing. Love, peace, meditation. SPEARMINT ~ Stimulates, energizes and uplifts. Love, purification, healing, psychism, creativity. Protects the home. ROSEWATER ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance. LIME ~ Healing, love, protection. BALSAMIC AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches. This smells like real Agua Fresca de Sandia! It smells EXACTLY like freshly cut watermelon with icy water and sugar, it is incredibly sparkling and vibrant! It opens with a fresh splash of juicy Watermelon and Rosewater followed by an airy, zesty note of lime that gives me an instant energetic lift! I think the Rosewater adds to the watery texture of the watermelon, it gives it a realistic depth if that makes sense. Then a very mild spearmint kicks in with an energizing minty tingly freshness, making me feel awake and refreshed. The addition of spearmint and sage do remind of a fresh Mojito. Agua Fresca is as fresh as it gets, it is a totally uplifting and invigorating scent! This potion would be perfect in spray form, a few spritzes of this stuff and I bet you’ll instantly feel like you just took a refreshing bath infused with bright crisp watermelon and rosewater tonic…It is perfect for a hot summer! I liked it the first time I tested it, but now that I’m re-testing I think this is FB worthy! I’ve drank Agua de Sandia every summer since I was a little girl, and I’m amazed at how perfectlywell Mara re-created this awesome beverage in wearable perfume. I expected to smell some watermelon jolly rancher, but instead I was surprised by the most accurate scent rendition of Agua de Sandia... It has an amazing throw, but longevity is average so you may need to re-apply in extremely hot weather. I wouldn’t mind re-applying this one!
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