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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. So I have been noticing something. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and I thought I had it figured out in terms of which pheromone he responded best to. I thought it was LFM for the majority of the first 1.5 years because I would notice that he would be more apt to go along with what I asked, but I also noticed that LFM (as well as Leather and LFN ) would make him agreeable to my desires but kinda unhappy about it. Like he was doing it because I asked but it didn't bring him joy. We were also prone to argue more if I wore these pheromones more. Then I tried EST heavy fragrances because he is Alpha and he would be sweet at first but then try to exert his will and be a little bossy. So these were quickly put away (although I loved wearing them). These scents were Cuddle Bunny and Lace (including Red Lace). So I thought back and noticed that he always liked when I wore Cougar around him. We always had a blast! However CB and LFM had always been my guaranteed go-to's in the past with other guys when I wanted to get my way or be spoiled (and I love being spoiled). HERE'S THE FUNNY THING THAT HAPPENED. I noticed that the more fun we had (both of us) while wearing Cougar, the more he seemed as if he RELISHED in pleasing me, spoiling me and surprising me...GO FIGURE!! Any of you other ladies had a similar experience as this?
  2. Hello my good friends! I have been dating this guy for just around a month. We have already become very comfortable with one another (nothing physical yet). We really like each other's company and I can see this developing into a rewarding a memorable relationship. He responds well to Gotcha, actually Gotcha is very much our vibe. Caring, close, sharing. But here's the thing, I love being spoiled and the reactions that I receive from men when I wear Cuddle Bunny. He is DEFINITELY an EST responder. I think I want to wear Gotcha around him like 3 or 4 more time to seal our bond, but I also want to get him used to spoiling/taking care of me (he likes to spoil). How long do you think i should keep with the Gotcha? I have made the mistake of switching from Gotcha to Cuddle Bunny too soon before. And although I was spoiled, what the guy I was dating really dug was the "in love" feeling that Gotcha helps. I don't want to switch too soon again. i.e. first 3 months Gotcha then 2 months Cuddle Bunny? OR first 2 months Gotcha then 3 months Cuddle Bunny? or....something else!! P.s. when it's time for us to get intimate, I think i may try Sexology, which I have yet to try. I LOVE LFN but I don't think this would be the right signature for us...maybe during a kinky role playing sesh LOL
  3. So I have been dating this guy who was at first separated, now divorced. We had an absolute ball when first getting together, then it seemed as if he needed more time to "sort things out" when his divorce was coming final. I'm the type of girl who when I sense you need space...I'm gone on a road trip (figuratively), but no matter how far I go, he always finds me. We start up again and we always have a great time together. We don't argue and generally make eachother happy. Here's the thing, I am becoming wary of our just "dating" status. We have been dating for over 8 months and have not progressed to a relationship, although he was dating before me (very casually) while he was separated. He doesn't want to "label" it as anything, but says he doesn't want to date anyone else. I went on a date with someone else (who I have great chemistry with, but he does not make the best boyfriend) last week and lets just say we had a yummy time (making out etc.). Being honest, I told my guy (about the date, not the making out LOL). At first he seemed pissed, then he acted like everything was just fine...no sweat. So I didn't think much of telling him. Then it comes out this week on a date that he was FURIOUS that I went on a date...but WE ARE NOT IN A "Relationship"... He says he cannot understand why i am not married because of my intelligence and physical appearance (I guess a women can't be pretty + intelligent AS WELL AS sane). I could not even believe that he had the GALL to even bring this up after dating me FOR EIGHT MONTHS. Here's the thing, he's very successful/powerful/influential... but even by his own admission, he doesn't date pretty girls (his brother and friends tease him about this as well). He says he sees us together, but just want it to develop "organically" without having "the talk"...In my mind, until we have the talk, we are not in a relationship period! He says he was committed to me in the very beginning (until I mentioned that I don't sleep with people outside of committed relationship). Is there a pheromone or blend to get him past this ambivalence? I wore Cuddle Bunny on 1st date. Gotcha on next 6-8 dates. No pheromones for a while, and Popularity Potion on Valentines day (where he made the "you're so gorgeous...why aren't you married... statement). This week wore LACE when he admitted his anger over my other dates and seemed the most vulnerable and truthful. Here's the thing...WE ARE GREAT TOGETHER...Don't know if he's just scared or what?
  4. Ok, need some advice. I have been on a couple dates with this guy where I have worn Velvet Kisses with Cuddle Bunny. My date has responded EXTREMELY well to this. I am having so much fun with him and it's like he loves the EST. The energy between us just flows so well and naturally and he has been extremely gentlemanly and has already started to do me favors etc. Here's the thing, I want us to get closer, but I don't want to spoil the good thing we have. Should I wear the Cuddle Bunny blend on a few more dates then switch to a scent with Gotcha maybe by the 5th date to get him used to associating me with all the things the EST/Cuddle Bunny brings out? I do want us to transition to a deeper connection and him to really see me as a long term possibility (if I want us to go that route). Advice? I do like him catering to me and wanting to spoil me and do me favors.
  5. Hi all. I'm reading about the usual suggestions for first dates, which would include LFM, LFN, SS4W or Lace (which I unfortunately don't have yet). But I'm curious about a less sexual, less serious pheromone to use for a date with someone within the company. I was offered recently to go to the ballet on Friday with a research doctor I've seen around. We're both aspiring medical professionals (he's older and further along though) so I am more than a little self-conscious about appearing too... slutty, I suppose. As with most workplace "meetings" outside of the office, there's a certain amount of discretion needed so I'm looking to tone down the sexy in case he gets chatty with co-workers. For me, wearing LFN at work everyday in loose pants and shirt is one thing; wearing LFN or SS4W in a form-fitting black dress is another. Ideally, I would like to have a companionable first outing (maybe not "have him wrapped around my finger" just yet). I'll dress the part, but I want to keep the phero message to say "she's so intriguing" rather than "she tryna to get laaaaaid." If there is a phero that would avoid hand-holding, yeah I'm looking for it, lol. It sounds like one of the B's might help, but my experience is very limited unfortunately... So would anyone have a suggestion for a date with an medical professional/researcher that needs to stay out of the realm of 'hook-up'? I am asking for advice in the vein of male/unisex pheros, but if you have a tried and true favorite, I'm still all ears. Thanks! Aaaand, second question: Does anyone have an opinion on the used of TeddyBB or B2.2 for interviews instead of SWS? Sharks often gives me a laser-like focus that I'm afraid might come off too strong. I'm interviewing for a coordinator position (within the parent company but outside the hospital) so I want to basically be really well liked by a reserved, Muslim, 60-something, academics dean. He's a quiet man and the other person I may interview with is similarly introverted and keeps to himself. I could be honing in too much on the religion, but my theory is that he would be better swayed by a less feminine signature (assertive or not) and more of a buddy vibe. Thoughts on "one of the boys" pheros and interview experiences in general? Okay, I'll shut my trap... THANK YOU!
  6. Hi everyone! I am looking to enhance my dating life and wondering if you folks can help me out with recommendations. I stumbled across the AD offerings first in my research but I find these blends sooooo much cuter and more fun! A little bit about me: Female, just turned 36 and actively dating. (**not sleeping around - I reserve that for a serious exclusive relationship.) My goal is marriage, kids, the whole shebang... but it has to be with the right person, and I figure the more guys I meet the more chance I'll find that special connection. Sexual chemistry is super important to me but I'm also more traditional than most... I appreciate very masculine guys who are confident and like to lead - I don't feel comfortable approaching men. Most people think I'm still in my 20s and from researching cops I'm pretty sure I'm still producing them at least around ovulation time. (I don't know if I'm the prettiest girl in the room but men have always found me sexy and I believe this may be part of the explanation since I don't blatantly dress or act that way.) Anyway, I would love to dial that up some more since it's the sexual attraction that compels a man to come approach you and want to spend time with you! Here's what I'm looking for... I don't know if one product would work for all of these scenarios or several: 1. Something to encourage men to approach when I am out and about 2. Something for first dates (usually blind since I meet a lot of men online) 3. Something to encourage both attraction AND bonding on dates 2 & beyond 4. Anything to help put me in a better mood before a date So far the blends that have peaked my interest include OCCO White, Cuddle Bunny, SS4W, Like a Magnet, BAM, Blatant Invitation, Open Windows and Heart & Soul. But obviously I need to narrow down that list for my first purchase! And I want to have products that fit my personality... What do you guys think? Scented or unscented - is there any difference in strength/ease of use? I'm already a Pink Sugar user so layering is no problem... Also, should I be buying oils, silicones or alcohol sprays? I live in a colder climate and summers don't get crazy hot here. I would like maximum diffusion! thanks in advance for your advice!
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