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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 3 results

  1. I really need some advice from the vets here. I have a passive/aggressive insincere meddling MIL staying IN my home for the next several weeks. She has proven herself lately to be conniving and manipulative not only with her son (my HB) but also undermining ME in my own home with my two sons (long story - intrested parties should check out TBP thread). I need to bring out the big guns, but I have not been trained properly. That's how this desperate post came to be. I have Leather in RB/Oil. I also have some of Mara's smaller spray bottles from AF and some perfumer's alcohol. Should I mix some of my Leather UN and make it a spray to diffuse better when I'm around her? Last night I tried to wear my S&V with Dom but honestly the scent was too much for me - and if I use just a little I don't think I'm getting the benefit of the Dom I need. Does that make sense? Should I convert my S&V to a spray as well? Would that help the DOM go farther? I also have LFN in both UN/RB and a scent I like, but if she is overbearing and controlling right now, wouldn't Leather be more appropriate for me? Are the EFX solely for ME or will diffusing them better help to back HER down? I have OW (RB), TH (spray) and H&S(spray) too, but I have no desire to bond with this woman and I can't fake that - at least right now. I also have MLH which I do like for getting my boy's attention, but I don't want them suddenly become HER little helpers now either. I hesitate to mix phero blends in an attempt to get the varied EFX I'd like, because it seems like more is actually less if you don't know what you're doing. I've been diligent about reading in the Phero section of the boards; it is immensely helpful but I'd be a fool to believe I actually understand it all yet. Plus, I am operating in a panic/anger mode so my judgment is skewed. That's why any food for thought from you all is greatly appreciated. TY
  2. Hello All, I am still testing my LPs and I think the cold weather is seriously affecting the diffusion. I have been doing the torso & cleavage now in addition to the neck, hands, and wrists, but sometimes I have to stay bundled up - scarf an all -as it is so cold and many of the places where I go will run the air conditioner in spite of the much cooler weather! :0 It also doesn't help that I am anemic. So...are there any other tips to help in getting the oils out there? Or is the only response a spray? Thanks in advance...
  3. I remember reading at some point that if you rub a fragrance i.e. apply a fragrance to your wrist and then rub them together, that you can "break" the fragrance. Or something to that effect - that the notes of the fragrance will not diffuse as intended. So I was just wondering does the same apply to pheros? If I apply a phero product to my wrist and rub them together or rub my wrist on my neck would that reduce its effectiveness or cause it not to diffuse properly?
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