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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 3 results

  1. So I'm trying to plan out my next order and I really love both Dominance and Leather. Right now I have Dom in silicone and Leather in silicone with cops. I don't want to be wearing cops ALL the time when I wear leather so I was thinking of getting it w/o cops in a spray or another silicone. Buuut I also read that Dom has a different feel to it in spray version? Does Leather also feel different in spray? So basically I'm having a hard time deciding between Dom in spray or Leather in spray or silicone. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated <3
  2. After a few trial errors, I've decided Dom is the most amazing phero...ever. I got mine in the silicone roll-on version and OMG...WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD OF THIS EARLIER?! I tested it out for the first time at a my usual hang out (which is a bar) while I was casually hanging out with a few friends. I applied juuust a little so I wouldn't OD on this one... *cough* >.> All I have to say is, by the end of the night I had a guy literally wrapped around my finger, buying me drinks left and right as soon as I would finish them. I'd go to the restroom after finishing a drink and come back, BAM, he's there with a new delicious looking drink with this face that said "is there anything else I can do for you, madam". At the time I thought it might have just been some guy trying too hard so I strayed away from him and decided to get my own drink. Before I even reached the bar, some guy turned around, saw me, and immediately asked "what do you want to drink". Haha! Now I know for a fact this guy was not a bartender so I just responded and he turned back around and yelled to one of the bartenders to make said drink. Besides having fun and getting way too many free drinks (most of which I did not even finish just because I didn't really want to drink much) I LOVED the way Dom makes me feel. I totally get that "in control" vibe everyone's been talking about. Classy, in control, confident, and tall (im short xD). Wore it to the gym twice and there was not a single complaint or thought about stopping my work out because I was tired that crossed my mind. Do the work out, get out, get shit done. Ordering like 120538739485 more bottles... Also, if anyone can enlighten me on how to help diffuse silicone base in a wider range/area? I've noticed silicone helps affect the user and a close range of those around you (at least from what I've read so far, currently still reading up on this to sharpen up my info on silicone base). Still working on an UN Leather w/cops review
  3. Hi I'm new to LP but not new to the phero world. I actually stumbled upon this site after lots of digging from other forums XD I was determined to find new places that sell more female pheros that actually WORK! So far (from reading the reviews and forums here) LP seems promising I just ordered Leather with a shot of cops (the silicone roll on version) and a trial sample of Sex & Violins since the description sounded AMAZING! I was really torn between Dominance and Leather but opted for Leather just in case Dom was too much for me lol Its my first time with a roll on o-O so we'll see how this experimentation goes haha
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