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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Hello everyone! I love love love wearing my scented blends, but I tend to feel more comfortable to wear them on the weekends and after work. It seems that I work in a place with very sensitive noses. I know that I'm not putting too much on...lollipop on torso and either wrists or neck (never both), but it seems that my coworkers seem quite sensitive to my fragrances. I mostly wear oils. Is it that my body is a rapid diffuser? I would like to wear enough for effect, self & others. But I feel like my scents are loud. Can you help please???
  2. Hi All! So I am recently separated and back on the market at 30 I have a girls trip coming up in Vegas/LA and I plan to go out to some bars and clubs etc and would really like to feel better about being single again. I am looking for recommendations on some good blends that will gain me a lot of attention and invite guys to come up and chat/flirt. Maybe hold a conversation. I would love to feel like all eyes on are on me. Since it's been awhile. Something that will help me feel young, beautiful and ready to meet some new people. Also, would you recommend Phero enhanced frag
  3. I recently asked for blend recommendations but I am also struggling with how much, how and where. I apologize for being so confused. While I LOVE the availability of so many options, I am a little lost as well. I would appreciate some advice based on others experiences. Or please point me to a good place to look. I've been searching other posts and faq's but not finding exactly what I am looking for. What is the best dosage and medium for the different types of applications for a beginner? I've tried using a couple samples and I am not sure I am using enough because I am not noticing
  4. I received my unscented "Leather" with a shot of cops in silicone roll-on form but I've been having some trouble finding out how much exactly I'm putting on. I'm used to using "drops" or "sprays" so "rolls" is a new thing for me o-O haha Anyone have some advice on how much to "roll"? If I can figure out some kind of range from least amount rolled to most (before OD) I think I can figure out how much would work for me x)
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