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Found 2 results

  1. Ok all, so I'm up for a face to face interview on a position I've been wanting for awhile. It's very demanding but so is my current job. Anyhow, I do NOT like F2F and I'm highly out of practice. Have social anxiety sometimes and unfortunately WFH doesn't allow me to 'stretch' myself in that way. So I have to get back to my yoga like a total madwoman - a must. (insert pic of me sweating like mad here) But the position will be continual client facing and continual F2Fs with presentations whole 9 yards. And it pisses me off that I have this issue bc it's held me back from so much. And I know I can speak competently when on large conference calls, etc. For some reason I have 'chain reaction' when anxiety hits. So in addition to staying calm and focused - I need to have a really good work presence, showing I'm amicable, diplomatic, but also that I know my stuff. Ideas? I was thinking topper - don't have FB but have Crescendo w/ it. Anyhow - hoping I"ll just work out like a mad woman that I won't have energy for any anxiety attacks bc adrenaline will be fully managed. ALSO - this is huge for me bc I have some folks rooting for me bc they know how hard I work - work my ass off. And I need to get this all in check anyhow, which is why I pushed myself to go for this. So... any ideas/ thoughts of pheros or even meditations would be helful. Date is TBD - but definitely within next 3 weeks on the outside. Sorry for long post - just got the email request for the F2F. All eepy and happy at same time.
  2. What is a good LP for a job interview. SWS does not agree with me. What else is good? LFM or maybe PP? I am meeting with the owner. I want him to like me as well. I think he is older and seemed really friendly on the phone.
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