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  1. Hi all. I'm reading about the usual suggestions for first dates, which would include LFM, LFN, SS4W or Lace (which I unfortunately don't have yet). But I'm curious about a less sexual, less serious pheromone to use for a date with someone within the company. I was offered recently to go to the ballet on Friday with a research doctor I've seen around. We're both aspiring medical professionals (he's older and further along though) so I am more than a little self-conscious about appearing too... slutty, I suppose. As with most workplace "meetings" outside of the office, there's a certain amount of discretion needed so I'm looking to tone down the sexy in case he gets chatty with co-workers. For me, wearing LFN at work everyday in loose pants and shirt is one thing; wearing LFN or SS4W in a form-fitting black dress is another. Ideally, I would like to have a companionable first outing (maybe not "have him wrapped around my finger" just yet). I'll dress the part, but I want to keep the phero message to say "she's so intriguing" rather than "she tryna to get laaaaaid." If there is a phero that would avoid hand-holding, yeah I'm looking for it, lol. It sounds like one of the B's might help, but my experience is very limited unfortunately... So would anyone have a suggestion for a date with an medical professional/researcher that needs to stay out of the realm of 'hook-up'? I am asking for advice in the vein of male/unisex pheros, but if you have a tried and true favorite, I'm still all ears. Thanks! Aaaand, second question: Does anyone have an opinion on the used of TeddyBB or B2.2 for interviews instead of SWS? Sharks often gives me a laser-like focus that I'm afraid might come off too strong. I'm interviewing for a coordinator position (within the parent company but outside the hospital) so I want to basically be really well liked by a reserved, Muslim, 60-something, academics dean. He's a quiet man and the other person I may interview with is similarly introverted and keeps to himself. I could be honing in too much on the religion, but my theory is that he would be better swayed by a less feminine signature (assertive or not) and more of a buddy vibe. Thoughts on "one of the boys" pheros and interview experiences in general? Okay, I'll shut my trap... THANK YOU!
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