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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Aloha everybody! I just wanted to say, addiction is a powerful thing. I've only jumped into the dimension of perfumes a year prior, and into Love Potion at the end of February this year (can't really stay hooked on mainstream commercial stuff). I'll be honest, I was only interested in Love Potions for dabbling in pheros inexpensively. Well I got waaaay more than I bargained for. I fell in love with the 'living,' organic scents, that I began wearing the blends more for their scent than anything! So far I have: Sexology (scented) Sex & Violins Goddess of the Blue Moon Bosom Bows Lap of Luxury Stealing Heaven Pouncing Potion all in oil rollers. Also have SS4W straight up (60/40) for actual experimenting, ehehe.... I promised myself I'd stay within the phero'd line for their added benefits.... but "unfortunately" my last order came with a sample of LP RED mixed in the generous grab of samples...and Oh Em Jee. I just had to have this scent!!! So I hopped back on just 10 minutes ago and ordered a full bottle of LP Red, and samples of all-stars LP Original, LP Black, Honeyed LP, Sugared Honeycombs, and Spider Silk 2012 (I'm a sucker for unique names and descriptions, as well as real spiders, heehee) Scrod clammit, somebody tell me to stop already! I just ordered 5 samples from an etsy brewery too!! ps - speaking of etsy perfumes, there's a simple, single accord perfume (of salt) that I just absolutely love layering with foodie sweet LPMP samples (like Tarot: Empress) to make salty sweet combos! Mmmm-mmh!!!
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