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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 2 results

  1. OMG! I'm sure Lady V will agree with me when I say this is one of THE BEST lavender-based scents Mara has come up with - and I say that as someone who isn't even that big a fan of lavender, although M has trained me over the years to enjoy it. But when I first tried my samples of these products I was just so immediately relaxed by using them, it was amazing - much like the first time I tried Beautiful Dreamer, for example. The lavender is a bit on the herbaceous side, but I think the buttercream accord keeps it from becoming too herbal on me. I love the massage butter, to me it's the best moisturizer Mara has created since Nommy Butterstuff - it's got a similar really deeply-penetrating blend of oils and butters, where you have to let it sink in a bit. I use it on my hands and elbows at bedtime because those are the most leathery parts of me. The soap is a little more intense in scent, I think, and I've only used it on my face so far, but it's true that a little goes a long way - my original sample lasted about a month, so I imagine my jar will last me a good while. It's so creamy and leaves my skin oh so soft. I use it to wash my face when I get home from work, and it immediately chills me out, mood-wise. Lavender is now my go-to scent at bedtime and my routine is moisturizing with the Massage Butter and then pairing it with a lavender-based scent (my favorite with this is Aurora, so good!) and it really does make me sleepy, which is exactly what I want. So when another batch becomes available, if you love lavender I highly-recommend either of these products, or if you want an intense moisturizing experience I would recommend the Massage Butter in any scent (I really loved it in the previous scent Mara used as well).
  2. Romie's notes: Lavender Yellow rose Chocolate Marshmallow Baby smell First off, let me say how thrilled she is. I asked her 'is it right?' And she said 'yes!'. She loved the label. You nailed it!! I'm going to come back later and review properly
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