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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. So I have been noticing something. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and I thought I had it figured out in terms of which pheromone he responded best to. I thought it was LFM for the majority of the first 1.5 years because I would notice that he would be more apt to go along with what I asked, but I also noticed that LFM (as well as Leather and LFN ) would make him agreeable to my desires but kinda unhappy about it. Like he was doing it because I asked but it didn't bring him joy. We were also prone to argue more if I wore these pheromones more. Then I tried EST heavy fragrances because he is Alpha and he would be sweet at first but then try to exert his will and be a little bossy. So these were quickly put away (although I loved wearing them). These scents were Cuddle Bunny and Lace (including Red Lace). So I thought back and noticed that he always liked when I wore Cougar around him. We always had a blast! However CB and LFM had always been my guaranteed go-to's in the past with other guys when I wanted to get my way or be spoiled (and I love being spoiled). HERE'S THE FUNNY THING THAT HAPPENED. I noticed that the more fun we had (both of us) while wearing Cougar, the more he seemed as if he RELISHED in pleasing me, spoiling me and surprising me...GO FIGURE!! Any of you other ladies had a similar experience as this?
  2. What we call romantic love is in part the expression of biological factors. One of which I will mention first is in the initial fallout phase of love, there is around 40% lower serotonin levels... Those that have already low serotonin levels are more likely to experience fallout, however certain pheromones have properties to lower serotonin, while those that mood lift increase serotonin and would counteract some of the fallout effect. From Cindy M Mason/David Buss Book, Why Women Have Sex Imprinting Vs Crush Vs Fallout To me, Imprinting is where the woman has positive emotions/memories they recall about you and your encounter after you separate. They can function normally without being around you just thinking of you in a positive light. A crush occurs when the female cannot obtain the person they feel strong attraction and bonding with, such as a teacher, celebrity, married guy, a guy of higher status 'too good for them'... Fallout is where they become posessive or jealous, or even OCD about you and about being in your presence. Needing to be around you constantly. A small amount of fallout is ok if you are responding back. This can be feeling like someone is a soulmate and perfect for you and you are responding positively to these feelings back. They want to be in your presence and around you constantly but feel like they NEED you in their life. This is what I think people are after in a mix. Smaller fallout is things like calling, texting, sending letters, and emailing you. Being unable to be away from your presence might cause them to visit you at work or home unexpectedly. Trying to interfere with other relationship you have if you picked someone instead, or prevent others from going after you. Carrying a photo or something of yours even if you didnt agree to be in a relationship. The thoughts are like OCD and interfere with their normal behaviors and functioning when they are not around you. Fallout can continue however into very negative behavior/stalker/jealous behavior, usually caused by breaking off the contact after the bonding/attraction/love feelings. A woman has these feelings but can not act on them or get rid of them so they obsess.
  3. Hello my good friends! I have been dating this guy for just around a month. We have already become very comfortable with one another (nothing physical yet). We really like each other's company and I can see this developing into a rewarding a memorable relationship. He responds well to Gotcha, actually Gotcha is very much our vibe. Caring, close, sharing. But here's the thing, I love being spoiled and the reactions that I receive from men when I wear Cuddle Bunny. He is DEFINITELY an EST responder. I think I want to wear Gotcha around him like 3 or 4 more time to seal our bond, but I also want to get him used to spoiling/taking care of me (he likes to spoil). How long do you think i should keep with the Gotcha? I have made the mistake of switching from Gotcha to Cuddle Bunny too soon before. And although I was spoiled, what the guy I was dating really dug was the "in love" feeling that Gotcha helps. I don't want to switch too soon again. i.e. first 3 months Gotcha then 2 months Cuddle Bunny? OR first 2 months Gotcha then 3 months Cuddle Bunny? or....something else!! P.s. when it's time for us to get intimate, I think i may try Sexology, which I have yet to try. I LOVE LFN but I don't think this would be the right signature for us...maybe during a kinky role playing sesh LOL
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