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  1. Hello, I just made my first purchase ever and I have no idea what I am doing. I bought 02.20 ~ February 2020 ~ Unisex Phero Enhanced Fragrance and 10:31 - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume w/ Magnet. I am clearly trying to improve things with my husband. We have children and a family member living with us. There really is no good time to use this. Im concerned it will have an affect on his uncle who lives with us. And wondering if these will affect my children. What if they smell it? does it have an affect on kids. I dont know how i could handle that. Scary thought. And how long do these last? Do i need to wash them off in the morning before my kids wake up? The goal is obviously to wear them once the kids go to bed. But then I'm wondering how does a gal put this on and stand with it on for 20 minutes to let it dry because it stinks at first? i can barely get a moment alone with myself. And if Im hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes suspicion will be raised. we only have one bathroom. so i cant just stand around naked waiting for the stuff to dry. Is that really what everyone does? What is the right way to apply these things? I read one that says you will smell unclean if you wear it above your chest. The other says apply it down your middle and wait 20 minutes and not get it on your clothes. I am so confused. Will these come with directions for each one? Also I don't really have anything or fragrance to add to these so are these enough to be applied and left alone? Im reading some should be mixed with oil and some need additional fragrance to cover the smell. is what I bought an all in one because thats what i was hoping for. I just need something i can apply and not worry that I smell unclean or stink or need anything else to hide it. Thanks
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