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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Ares for Men is a scent that transports me to the Library, or the Billiard room of a private Gentleman's Club. Ares was my first scent from LPMP. I wanted something "low risk" that I could easily give away if it turned out to be doubleplus ungood on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised! In my 44 years, I have never before reviewed a scent (save perhaps for the variations between brands of smokeless powder). However, when I sprayed Ares on my forearm, the first thing I noticed was faint musk and leather (yes, I know it's not in the Ares for Men info page, but that's what I smell). Once the carrier dissipated, I began to smell an indescribable something that is quite pleasant. It's green, but very faint (which is a good thing, as I swore off smelling like a shrub when I left the service years ago). There is also something that makes me think of Amber, with an ephemeral shadow of saddle soap (that's probably not the correct term, but my scent vocabulary is quite limited at present) Shortly after that, I began to smell something that was vaguely reminiscent of a tailor's shop. When I was on a trip to the far east some years ago, I got a fantastic deal on some bespoke suits. During my fittings, I noticed that the wools and silks on the cutting table had a pleasant scent that permeated everything... much later (about an hour), I caught this scent (or something very close to it) in Ares. I have an unrefined nose, but if I close my eyes and 'listen' carefully, I can just barely make out a hint of something citrusy in the background. About 15 minutes after application, my wife walked into my office and said "it smells like hairspray in here." I told her I'd gotten a new cologne, and was trying it out. She inhaled deeply of my wrist, and said "it smells like my grandmother's linen closet." Having met her grandmother, and knowing how close they are, I understand that remark in its context (it's a good thing). For me, Ares is a keeper, and will be great for situations in which I need to project maturity and personal power (think "meeting with the board of directors," "asking for a really big loan," etc). Or... when I'm on a long drive by myself. I imagine it will mix very well with True Alpha, or A314.
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