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  1. N.B: I may use too many exclamation marks but I do need to portray the excitement I felt. Cops will make men strip in public: Last night I went to the gym and I had some coppy pheros on from beforehand. It has been really hot in England lately so I was sweating up a storm after a short while and no doubt this caused my oil based pheros to disperse a lot. I went into the weights room, started doing squats. I was the only girl in the room. That probably spelled trouble already. I noticed a man who has always been friendly watching me. I did my next set of squats and when I turned around the man was taking off his t-shirt and his torso was naked. He started to pose in the mirror, flexing chest, abs, biceps etc. I have to say, in his baggy t shirt he did not appear to be anything special but wow when he took it off his muscles were huge and very well formed. But this was not the end of it! He then proceeded to take off his trousers too!!! :banana055: Stripping down to only his boxers and was posing in his undies!!!! His legs were very muscular, he was in great shape and my mind did wonder imagining other places too where I hoped he would be equally firm! :snake1: But this was not the end of this story either, for his friend showed up and then he started taking off his top too and they started posing in the mirror and then the latter guy's girlfriend appeared and started taking photos as they took all sorts of positions, posing, flexing, showing off their shapely muscles at all angles and those firm legs ooooh! This show went on for a while. The gym trainer came into the room and started looking at me and laughing as if he sensed this was all for my benefit! Clothes were finally put back on and in a way that made things easier, for a while there it was hard to be polite and not ogle, I had to do some sideways glances so I did not come off as obscene as everyone knows I have a boyfriend (who was not there that night). I would have liked to be more brazen but I don't want to send the wrong messages in a place where I need to work out seriously 2-3 times a week. Later the guy with the girlfriend was acting like he was going to accidentally bump into my pheroed pair of coconuts... and being really randy with me...after all this excitement finally I went home with quite the appetite for manflesh I must say! I have no doubt this show was prompted by all the testosterone that naturally occurs in the gym amped by my cops, either way I'm probably doing them a favour in their work outs, as cops makes them release more testosterone!!! There are some men in my gym in the past that I have had major crushes on and I would probably have an O on the spot if they stripped naked in front of me. This particular guy I had never really noticed (but probably will now as I was so surprised about what lay beneath that T and trousers !!!). Golly gosh! All I can say is: jolly good show! I am very grateful for whatever the Divine forces choose to send me and feel blessed to have been the catalyst for such a spontaneous and marvellous strip show by two muscly men! I have to say the first man who stripped was particularly well-made, carved out of marble and toned as well. I was blessed last night to have such a wonderful work out. I also have to give a big thank you to LPP and Mara and the makers of cops for gracing us with their magick potions that make men reveal naked bodies to us. That was the most exciting work out I have had for a while, but I trust not the last!!! Thank you divine forces, angels of light and love for working in your mysterious ways! I really like this way of working that you have sometimes! I wish you ladies the best of luck in using your pheros and may we all be blessed by naked men time and time again!
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