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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 7 results

  1. Ok all, so I'm up for a face to face interview on a position I've been wanting for awhile. It's very demanding but so is my current job. Anyhow, I do NOT like F2F and I'm highly out of practice. Have social anxiety sometimes and unfortunately WFH doesn't allow me to 'stretch' myself in that way. So I have to get back to my yoga like a total madwoman - a must. (insert pic of me sweating like mad here) But the position will be continual client facing and continual F2Fs with presentations whole 9 yards. And it pisses me off that I have this issue bc it's held me back from so much. And I know I can speak competently when on large conference calls, etc. For some reason I have 'chain reaction' when anxiety hits. So in addition to staying calm and focused - I need to have a really good work presence, showing I'm amicable, diplomatic, but also that I know my stuff. Ideas? I was thinking topper - don't have FB but have Crescendo w/ it. Anyhow - hoping I"ll just work out like a mad woman that I won't have energy for any anxiety attacks bc adrenaline will be fully managed. ALSO - this is huge for me bc I have some folks rooting for me bc they know how hard I work - work my ass off. And I need to get this all in check anyhow, which is why I pushed myself to go for this. So... any ideas/ thoughts of pheros or even meditations would be helful. Date is TBD - but definitely within next 3 weeks on the outside. Sorry for long post - just got the email request for the F2F. All eepy and happy at same time.
  2. Is it possible for a lotion, cream, butter to inhibit a phero or fragrance? I try to moisturize before application to make sure the phero gets out there. Could the moisturizer be so strong that it stops either the phero or the scent it is in?
  3. Ok so I have the weirdest question EVER. And I don't know if it's just me, but I've noticed that after awhile some Un Pheros tend to leave my skin smelling like cinnamon. I first noticed with a scented phero and of course attributed to the scent. Now, having been wearing a few difft Uns with difft scents that do not have any cinnamon notes in it at all, that my skin smells like cinnamon. Now its pleasant enough, but wondering if my skin chemistry is weird or if others notice this (after the scents fade). ???
  4. I remember reading at some point that if you rub a fragrance i.e. apply a fragrance to your wrist and then rub them together, that you can "break" the fragrance. Or something to that effect - that the notes of the fragrance will not diffuse as intended. So I was just wondering does the same apply to pheros? If I apply a phero product to my wrist and rub them together or rub my wrist on my neck would that reduce its effectiveness or cause it not to diffuse properly?
  5. I am getting around to testing my LPMP pheros. I have some events coming up and I am planning on going to a few on my own - to schmooze. I have samples of everything except TMII/Mothers Helper/Gotcha/Dom/Leather & OW. Just wondering what are the best blends for social climbing that I could test out at these events?
  6. Hi All, I think I have gotten all of the phero and fragrance samples I want to play with just from perusing and seeing what looks good to me. But I am open to some new recs to round out my testing collection. When I started my phero journey I did have a mission in mind. Does anyone have any recs for UNpheros, phero blends, or LP frangrances that contribute to creating an aura of glamour and attractiveness? Personal stories re hits are welcome and much appreciated. Thanks....
  7. I want to get this but im still a bit skeptical. Does it really work as it says? What are your experiences with this phero?
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