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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 15 results

  1. Ok, I'll go first. The pheromones or blends that have gotten me the most favors are: Cuddle Bunny & Lace (both heavy EST blends)
  2. Since I'm such a newbie idk if it'll let me post anything but I'm gonna try. I have a boring office job and one as an assistant director for the high school plays. We're gearing up to do a spring musical and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas what I should wear around the teens / my boss? Our director can be sort of prickly at times, but she is very matter of fact and good with the kids - as long as she's not in a foul mood. Since I'm closer to their age (about a decade older) I would like to give off the approachable / fun vibe to the teens. The kind where you can talk to me about
  3. ROSE ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance. TANGERINE, ORANGE BLOSSOM ~ Strong 'magnet' to attract men; eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness, thoughtfulness, happiness, tribute. APRICOT ~ Love, love, love! Romance, passion, femininity. HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment. VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted. GINGER ~ Fiery a
  4. I'd been working with Mara on a phero blend that tried to recreate the old extinct Animism pheromone blend and she sent me a blend of Perfect Match and Wanted Man in a 3:1 ratio. At first I thought it might be too 'soft' without enough sexual interest but after using the entire sample I actually came to really enjoy the effects of the blend. I then purchased a 1 oz spray version (1x concentration) with the only change being the addition of a splash of copulins. I think the cops add just a little sexiness to the blend but more than anything the addition is because I like how the cops affect
  5. I'm sitting here in front of 10 Unscented Phero Trials, and I know I had big plans when I ordered them, but now I'm drawing a blank. I don't know where to start. I know I can make a bunch of UN sprays, with 1/3 Unscented Phero and 2/3 perfumer's alcohol. Or maybe I'll add a few drops of a simple corresponding essential oil, like a bit of grapefruit to the DHEAS? Its like I have stage fright, I'm really not sure what to do now. It's much easier to boss my man around, I handed him a Charisma trial and said "Go put this in something." Easy Peasy, right? What are your devilish/creative/brilli
  6. I've been digging through the forum with little luck in searching for this. I know Stacyk has a perfect congruance post but I also could not find that. So, ladies who like the cougar /LAM combo, is cougar /Bam a good partnership? Is it in any way similar or how is it different?
  7. Some of the recent posts in the LFM thread has inspired me to take a poll from the ladies here. CK needs to get her groove back so to speak. I have an upcoming gig fire dancing and could use some insight. I sustained an injury 6 months ago that has prohibited me from working out and my normal practice. I've been working really hard this last month or so to get my strength and flexibility back, and lose the 20 lbs I gained. Halfway to my normal self and feeling pretty good but could use a boost. Being dormant, not socially active, and dealing with some seriously stressful family situations
  8. Hello all, Im new to LPMP as well as pheremones. I dont know the protocol or safety regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding and pheremone use. Im due with my second child in 4 weeks. I do not have my order yet but I know one of the items I purchased has BANG in it. What would the general concensus be about me using this fragrance? Im not gonna lie.. since I got pregnant with my first child.. im not the fox I used to be and Id like to get that confidence and attention back I used to have. Was looking forward to trying pheremones. Cure.
  9. Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have recommendations of pheros for people in their early 20s? I am looking for something that attracts men and love that would work for this age group. Also, any recommendations for your favorite social phero as well as a nice tropical, exotic, summery type scent? Any advice? Thanks!
  10. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of any studies, or has any anecdotal experience to share, about using pheros around dementia sufferers? My dad has a form of Pick's disease and I'll be seeing him over the holidays, so I got to thinking about that. He tends towards depression and agitation, but I wasn't sure if there was some scientific reason to avoid using pheros around someone in his condition or if they might be helpful (thinking here of calming or happy social blends, of course). My mother takes care of him at home so I could get her wax melts, etc. if it wouldn't be a bad idea. Yo
  11. Hi Everyone-- I used to read these forums all the time when I had a love potion addiction and was buying everything, but never thought to start my own account! I'm super intrigued by pheromones and I have quite a few-- quick review of what I think of the ones I have: I have a few strong copulin blends I forget which one but the scents are generally too overpowering (my body is naturally warmer so the silliage expands too quickly) but they work! Self effects are really quite strong and it works on boys too (; I've had my friends try them and their significant others are much friskier.
  12. I didn't see a topic on this, but I would like to know if there are any negative effects if both my sweetheart and I wear phero blends around each other. For example - he wears MVP, I wear Blatant Invitation. Or, he wears Teddy BB... and I wear Compromising Positions? These two seem not congruent with each other at all. Can we get an OD effect if we wear the same phero, like Perfect Match? What happens if the two phero blends contradict each other? What if they are congruent? For example, both wear an alpha signature? Thanks!
  13. The longer I read on the subject, the more I am left with the impression that the commercial philosophy behind pheromone usage (as it pertains to attractants) is definitely "one size fits all." Specifically, it seems as though every company out there who is pushing any sort of "magic" pheromone bullet seems fixated upon Androstenone. I wonder if this is the best and highest use of one's efforts? Don't get me wrong, I like Androstenone as much as the next guy. For example, when I wear Aqua Vitae, I walk down the street like I'm back in my Werewolf days, thinking "I just luuuv bein'
  14. This was my first foray into "unscented" pheromones, and I bought Teddy Potion BB and Super Sexy for Men. On very light application of Teddy Potion BB, my wife almost immediately recoiled in horror and said I smelled like a dirty animal marking territory, or animal urine. I, of course, can't smell a darn thing. Her reaction is clearly not what I'm going for. That vial in the trash, now I'm scared to try SS4M. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Do you have any experience with women who react poorly to certain pheromones that react better to others, that I might try?
  15. Hi Ladies (and Gents)! I am brand new to the entire idea and concept of pheromone usage. Prior to placing my first order, I intensively researched and studied every pheromone molecule and blend; even made flashcards! Based on personal liking and reading existing reviews, I decided on: Samples of: -LP White -LP Red -LP Gold -Fairy Musk w/ Treasured Hearts -X Appeal w/ Sexology -Sneaky Clean w/ SS4W -LP Sexology III Roll ons of: -UNLevitation -UNBANG! I initially applied Levitation (once on wrist, twice from chest to torso, and nape of neck) and covered with dabs of LP W
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