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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 2 results

  1. This was a Private Edition for July 2015, requested by our own Forum Member Blackcat. From her own description, she wanted something earthy, animalistic, and natural. She asked for red musk, red patchouli, and ozone, and left the last ingredient up to "Commander Fox", which turns out to be "the dry earthy scent of fallen leaves on a forest floor". First off, I had a kneejerk reaction to the name of this PE and ordered a FB without knowing the ingredients. I absolutely adore the Totem series and have several friends who identify with animals, myself included. The label is darling. Wet, I get mostly a soft soapy impression. As it dries, the musk emerges. If my nose were better, I might be able to tell that it's red musk but I'm not that sensitive. Soon after, the patchouli slides into a partner position next to the musk, and I love me some patchouli so this was very welcome. The red patchouli note is interesting and I find it to be gorgeous with the red musk. What surprised me though is how soft the 'earthy, fallen leaves' part of the scent is. The 'soapy smell' gives way to a soft powdery earthy scent. Closing my eyes, I get a baby animal. Something of the wild, to be protected. My teenage son liked this immediately: "Oh, it's so FRESH". This is a solid PE offering, on par with the Totem Animal releases. I could see myself wearing this either for work ( I have a high stress job as a supervisor and the throw of this is mild and work-friendly) or in the evening for comfort, meditation, or bedtime. I cannot compare this to any of the other woodsy scents, and I have tried a few by now. This is unique and soooooo lovely. If there was going to be a Totem Animals 2.0 release, I strongly suggest this as one of them. Thank you BlackCat !!!!!
  2. After a stupendously shitty Friday (I didn't realize "Friday the 13th" was actually a thing!) I came home to two awesome packages. Day: brightened. But as I almost immediately had to leave again for the weekend I didn't get to really play with anything till now. But play we shall! Wet: immediately get the oatmeal cookie dough, I feel like I'm getting a little buttery in a guilty-pleasure mmm-I'm-not-baking-for-health way… After a few minutes on me the chocolate-chips come out a bit more with the vanilla and is fast becoming an ice-cream sandwich on my skin. Temptation to gnaw wrist: Increasing. (Unfortunately my body remained comprised of flesh and bone and not, in fact, dessert.) Maybe it's just my chemistry but I am not yet able to detect the bacon, but it's early yet; we'll see what happens over time. Maybe if I go to the gym and sweat like a pig… So far so love. Thanks, Mara, this is brill! Am I supposed to be able to stop smelling myself, because that's not going to happen. Just holding out hope for a bit more bacon - but really, whoever isn't?
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