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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I normally just read rather than post, but you all seem so helpful and I am in a love crisis! I am not sure if a phero will even assist me but here is the situation: I am a 34 year old woman, in a relationship for the last 7 months with a 46 year old man. The first half of our relationship, the communication was great- he encouraged me to be more open etc. And the sex was PHENOMENAL- lasting hours and just intense (scorpio thing maybe?) Even when it was a quickie it was never vanilla or lacking passion. I would have never thought him to be even close to his age either , given his stamina and physique. So fast forward to month 4-he has an "equipment failure" here and there, who cares right? That stuff happens, but since then his drive has gone way down, foreplay has all but vanished, he keeps my shirt on and now his shirt too, and its just 5-10 minute no frills banging. I should also mention that we used to enjoy a little bit of nasty text messaging quite often too, now if I bring up sex at all he shuts down. I am tearing up writing this, I don't know what to do and he is horrible at talking when it comes to anything serious. I feel like something is wrong with me. At first I thought he was cheating but he is more affectionate than ever and wants to spend every waking moment with me.
  2. Hi friends! I am Wondering which pheromone you used to take your relationship to the next level, specifically from a committed relationship to engaged or engaged to being married? After wearing LFM/LFN, and Cougar for the majority of our relationship and a little Cuddle Bunny with OW in the beginning, I’m finding that Gotcha is really sealing our bond. It’s making things so sweet with us. I tried Gotcha early on and my guy had a bad reaction to it but now it’s perfect. I want to know what’s next to really take us further, like getting engaged?
  3. I originally found LP because my mom is dating again after a messy divorce and pheros were intriguing to me. Thanks to google and LPMP I'm now a bit obsessed with researching pheros in general and could use a little help/ advice for myself. Here it goes, all out. My hubby and I are over 40, 20 incredible years together and I have a boyfriend in his 50's. We are all friends, everything is honest and open, no secrets. I never dreamed I would be in a poly relationship but after 4 years of the worst sexual tension imaginable between the now BF and I the three of us took the plunge into what has been our relationship of three years. Generally speaking everything is great. The trouble is the BF suffers from anxiety and depression,being witness to the bad days can tear my heart out. He is also the only one that struggles with the social fears of acceptance in regards to our relationship. He has a bit of baggage from the ex wife, and some abandonment issues. Sometimes he subconsciously tries to push me away. I'm sure that some of that comes from having very traditional upbringing and views about relationships and an internal struggle with being the "third". None of us ever planned or imagined this would happen. When his depression gets the best of him he makes comments about how I'm going to go away too. He is a drear friend to my hubby and I love him very much, although there are no certainties in relationships, I don't see myself going anywhere, away from him, unless he decides to leave. What started out as friendship and the most animalistic, primal attraction I have ever experienced has turned into a very compassionate and loving relationship. My husband and I were both raised with good ol traditional values but as adults we have learned that love doesn't necessarily follow rules. The advice part: I would welcome any thoughts on what pheros I could wear that may help ease his anxiety without losing the sexual spark that exists between us. This is a very sincere request and I would appreciate casting personal judgements aside.
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