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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I normally just read rather than post, but you all seem so helpful and I am in a love crisis! I am not sure if a phero will even assist me but here is the situation: I am a 34 year old woman, in a relationship for the last 7 months with a 46 year old man. The first half of our relationship, the communication was great- he encouraged me to be more open etc. And the sex was PHENOMENAL- lasting hours and just intense (scorpio thing maybe?) Even when it was a quickie it was never vanilla or lacking passion. I would have never thought him to be even close to his age either , given his stamina and physique. So fast forward to month 4-he has an "equipment failure" here and there, who cares right? That stuff happens, but since then his drive has gone way down, foreplay has all but vanished, he keeps my shirt on and now his shirt too, and its just 5-10 minute no frills banging. I should also mention that we used to enjoy a little bit of nasty text messaging quite often too, now if I bring up sex at all he shuts down. I am tearing up writing this, I don't know what to do and he is horrible at talking when it comes to anything serious. I feel like something is wrong with me. At first I thought he was cheating but he is more affectionate than ever and wants to spend every waking moment with me.
  2. Hi! I'm new brand new to this forum! I'm a 29 year old female and just bought Juicy Lucy/Sexpionage which is my first purchase. I'm new to pheromones but have been using one from amazon from a company called Raw Chemistry for about a year. I havent researched any other kinds or even what it does. Tbat being said, I currently have a particular goal in mind tbh. I know many many people including the desciption page for Juicy Lucy itself says not to wear it to work but.... i want to ­čść.See there is this guy i work with who also happens to be a very close friend of mine and occasional fwb. We haven't messed around in almost a year physically but the sexual tention is near suffocation level. He is super flakey and indecisive and makes plans to mess around but flakes last min. Or suggest we do then flakes. He says he wants to but has hang ups. We havent gone all the way but talk about it often. So idk if my goal is to just be an ultimate tease and torture him at work or push him over the edge so he comes over again. There is also another guy at work too who i would like to see react to this. I basically just wanna see if this Sexpionage stuff works as well as everyone says.I want him to see me and think sex. Seeing as though my goal is to elicit a strong sexual response, Is Juicy Lucy good for that or is another formula better? Yes I'm petty lol but me and my sorta fwb are both like that to eachother but i gotta win guys lmao. Thanks in advance! Hope im asking it in the correct area
  3. Thought I'd ask the guys out there (but ladies feel free to put in your vote)... is there any particular unscented Phero that you've tried that you can say, without hesitation, revs your lady's (or, ahem, ladies) engine(s)? And was it a "covert" attempt (she didn't see it coming, in other words... no mention of what you were "wearing" and the power of suggestion tainting the experiment)?
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