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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Lady Victoria's Sweet Little Pussycat Victoria's concept is beachy, but I was thinking it's creamy enough for a kitty to lick! Plus, doesn't that pic look just like her?! Crafted of coconut cream, lots of frothy whipped cream accord, creamy ylang ylang, and a dash of white musk. Here's LadyV's hilarious description: "I am completely obsessed with coconut right now and I was thinking for my summer slut coco ho scent.. What do you think of COCONUT MILKY CREAMY,YLANG, SWEET MUSK ( like in french musk ) WHIPPED CREAM OR MARSHMALLOW? Like White Bikini Meets Sensual Harmony for BJS and Titty F*cking on the Beach.. Like She's a big beach tease that smells like a Goddess but she won't have sex on the beach because its overrated and she doesn't want sand in her snatch" OMG Mara!!! This is AWESOME!! You crafted exactly what was in my head! A slinky, sexy, beach sophisticated, ~ yes this is a new scent genre- beach sophisticate ~ this is what I consider Frambuesca to be also ~ I only fuck in five start hotels type of scent. I wanted this to be whore-y- but total glam puss goddess. I didn't want Annette Funicello at the beach sharing soda pop and playing UNO. I wanted Elizabeth T and Angie at the beach seducing their men with their big EYES and making them beg for mercy. I wanted a scent that you could wear straight from the beach to a nice dinner or a 5 star Hotel. THIS IS IT!!!!!! I get delicious creamy milk... but it's not the creamy thick like whipping cream, it's like a waterfall of milk, like you are naked, wake up in the middle of the night, go to the fridge, take out half and half or no better yet that carnation canned milk- and pour it slowly all over your glistening body. ( it's hot on the west coast and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I am glistening and parched so there I go to the kitchen and grab cold water or something sweet from the fridge. - occassionaly it's whipped cream or cool whip and yes I keep water by the bed but when I wake up it's not cold anymore ) Imagine this sheer waterfall of creamy condensed milk on your skin, okay that is the template - next up I get sweet ylang ylang which boosts this to the level of OMG femme fatale sexy, the musk helps catapult that to a whole nuther level. I mean if you wear this you are going to fuck. There's not question about it. The girl that wears this likes to fuck, she does not make love. She fucks. She fucks on Egyptian Cotton though - Let's be clear about that. This is like a sexy sheer secret weapon. This is perfect for the beach and dinner, because it's very versatile or flexible like the lady in the pic. I love how breezy this feels? It's breezy, cool. slink. sexy. This is exactly what I envisioned as my summer scent, something that was going to be sexy, summery and cool. Cool as in it makes me feel like my total hotness is under control. The other thing I love about this is that it's ultra long lasting!!! I feel like I smell like this naturally! BF loves this! I made him sniff it., after my arm boner calmed down a bit and he smiled and said it was ' goooooodddd ' Thank you Mara I LOVE THISSS!!!!!
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