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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 5 results

  1. Beccah

    Kitten Heels

    Kitten Heels A timeless recipe for temptation with just a hint of androgynous allure and a polished, sexy, silky exterior. A dreamy heart of vanilla, pale amber and white musk is grounded with sweet sandalwood and accented with a touch of green tea, a wee drop of Indian Black Rose and Pink Lotus Blossom, and a soft sprinkle of powdered sugar. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: Kitten Heels: CFM: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitten Heels came out identical to the original. I will admit the only reason (besides my 100,000 mile tune-up) that I haven't rushed to stock up is because the pink lotus gave me pause that it wouldn't be exactly the same, but I was very wrong. Kitten Heels comes out smelling true to what I expect from CFM, with the added bonus of being able to add whatever pheromone I want.
  2. I looooove the feeling I get from wearing Lace and I love the reaction from other people, but want a little more vava voom... Feeling a little sexy, not Cougar sexy, but just a tad bit sexy. Is this a good idea?
  3. Some of the recent posts in the LFM thread has inspired me to take a poll from the ladies here. CK needs to get her groove back so to speak. I have an upcoming gig fire dancing and could use some insight. I sustained an injury 6 months ago that has prohibited me from working out and my normal practice. I've been working really hard this last month or so to get my strength and flexibility back, and lose the 20 lbs I gained. Halfway to my normal self and feeling pretty good but could use a boost. Being dormant, not socially active, and dealing with some seriously stressful family situations has also left me out of the loop in using pheros for a bit. If you wanted to dance like everyone is watching, like televised, halftime Super Bowl show, and you know you're so bad ass that not even the tabloids could criticize your actions, ( but still approachable )what would you wear and why? I'm assuming such info would be useful for any ladies out there.
  4. Hi All! So I am recently separated and back on the market at 30 I have a girls trip coming up in Vegas/LA and I plan to go out to some bars and clubs etc and would really like to feel better about being single again. I am looking for recommendations on some good blends that will gain me a lot of attention and invite guys to come up and chat/flirt. Maybe hold a conversation. I would love to feel like all eyes on are on me. Since it's been awhile. Something that will help me feel young, beautiful and ready to meet some new people. Also, would you recommend Phero enhanced fragrance or unscented pheros? Or adding the pheromones directly to a bottle of fragrance? And where should I apply for best results? I’m excited to start this new journey. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Maraaaaaaaa!!!! You outdid yourself with this, thank you SOOOOOO much. It's like you got in my head! Colour (impression, not oil) :definitely PINK! The first hit is intensely carnation-y but then it quickly rounds out to include the sweet, pink, turkish delight type rose, not an invasive rose but warm and smooth, the patchouli, being a white patchouli sits in the background just keeping it all together, and the marshmallows sweeten it but not to the point of overshadowing the carnation. The cops aren't really detectable. I wanted something I could wear that had cops, but definitely wouldn't worry about having to let dry, over applying etc. So this has 3 drops. What I thought of picking the notes... expensive pink silk-satin knickers (no polyester here thank you!), warm skin underneath, and then when I smelled it a pink and white belly dancing costume trimmed in gold came to mind, this is no grannyish floral, it's a little exotic, still fun, sexy and I think it works perfectly for me. It makes me think of Lady V's Panther, you may feel differently but in my head, I'd group them in the same family. It says to me; I'm a grown up woman, I know what I want, I'm no pushover, and I might give you a cheeky, flirty look across wherever I happen to be, because I love a bit of sexual tension. All in all, it's perfect. Thank you Mara!
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