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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Hello! I know some phero’s can be combined or "topped off". I’ve used scents boosted with Cougar and topped off with Topper or LAM (1-2 sprays) but I am wondering about some other pairings. The Cougar/LAM combo definitely gained a lot of attention and mostly from younger guys but the attention seemed to only be sexual. Which is great sometimes, but others, you want to have a conversation as well lol. I am looking for a good social/sexual to top off with a bonding. Is that even possible? Something to grab attention and then keep it. Since I love Cougar so much, I was thinking to use Cougar and maybe pair with Gotcha or Open Windows. Does anyone have some suggestions of a good combo?
  2. Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have recommendations of pheros for people in their early 20s? I am looking for something that attracts men and love that would work for this age group. Also, any recommendations for your favorite social phero as well as a nice tropical, exotic, summery type scent? Any advice? Thanks!
  3. Ok all, so I'm up for a face to face interview on a position I've been wanting for awhile. It's very demanding but so is my current job. Anyhow, I do NOT like F2F and I'm highly out of practice. Have social anxiety sometimes and unfortunately WFH doesn't allow me to 'stretch' myself in that way. So I have to get back to my yoga like a total madwoman - a must. (insert pic of me sweating like mad here) But the position will be continual client facing and continual F2Fs with presentations whole 9 yards. And it pisses me off that I have this issue bc it's held me back from so much. And I know I can speak competently when on large conference calls, etc. For some reason I have 'chain reaction' when anxiety hits. So in addition to staying calm and focused - I need to have a really good work presence, showing I'm amicable, diplomatic, but also that I know my stuff. Ideas? I was thinking topper - don't have FB but have Crescendo w/ it. Anyhow - hoping I"ll just work out like a mad woman that I won't have energy for any anxiety attacks bc adrenaline will be fully managed. ALSO - this is huge for me bc I have some folks rooting for me bc they know how hard I work - work my ass off. And I need to get this all in check anyhow, which is why I pushed myself to go for this. So... any ideas/ thoughts of pheros or even meditations would be helful. Date is TBD - but definitely within next 3 weeks on the outside. Sorry for long post - just got the email request for the F2F. All eepy and happy at same time.
  4. Hi Everyone-- I used to read these forums all the time when I had a love potion addiction and was buying everything, but never thought to start my own account! I'm super intrigued by pheromones and I have quite a few-- quick review of what I think of the ones I have: I have a few strong copulin blends I forget which one but the scents are generally too overpowering (my body is naturally warmer so the silliage expands too quickly) but they work! Self effects are really quite strong and it works on boys too (; I've had my friends try them and their significant others are much friskier. I also had La Femme Mystere and honestly this might be too nuanced and sophisticated for the crowd I'm with (college). It was interesting to try, but I didn't really notice anything significant-- not even self effects ): Open Windows was ok-- self effects are good, felt positive and kind but didn't notice anything with anyone else in particular! Maybe I need a more concentrated blend? Anyways I'm looking to come back to pheromones and I'm looking for a social blend. I'm a bit of an ice queen-- my friends always tell me they were intimidated/thought I was popular when they first met me. What do we suggest?? Thanks so much !!! Camilla
  5. I was just wondering can a social mone play off of the wearer as sexual? I wore a purely social mone with no cops and I was called beautiful about 1.2 million times from about 1.2 million men. I was also fawned over, but mostly almost exclusively by men both straight and gay. I literally had a fanboy/base creation moment with this phero that blew me away. It literally sucked the men into my orbit. I was just standing there. Now with cops blend LP's and otherwise it is rare to get a guy to say something to me no matter how little. They will look and notice, but the social/nonsexual mone really magnetized them and they would not stop talking to me. Women would give me DIHLs, but the men really seemed to be affected.
  6. I'm due to attend a dinner with some very high-flying members of society etc. I have the clothes I am to don organised but alas am not sure what pheros to wear. I am thinking social rather than sexy, although a tiny hint of sexiness would not go amiss, I also don't want to give out the come hither and roger message to a former PM! I have narrowed down me options but am thinking maybe I can mix and match? The other thing is silicone, versus oil, versus spray for their diffusion properties. This is a 3 hour dinner followed by drinks and possibly dancing in a ball room. So I am a little inclined not to spray as I will have to keep on re-applying and my clutch is miniscule (although very fashionable) and likely to be loaded with business cards not perfume/pheros unless it is tiny vial or small bottle. a) open windows -owned in silicone- social but not sexy and is there a 'wow' factor cougar- owned in DPG- social and sexy, definitely has 'wow' c) la femme mystère- alcohol spray- social and sexy, also sophisticated but reapplication problems d) popularity potion- dpg oil- social not sure if sexy, does sometimes make me feel 'naked' Can I mix la femme mystère with Cougar? Should I wear a little OCCO in my discreet cleavage? Is there something else I should consider? Any advice requested!
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