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  1. I imagine you can add oil to oil or use perfumer's alcohol to turn the UN and perfume into a spray but can you add the concentrated perfume oil directly to a UN alcohol spray or an alcohol/oil combo spray?
  2. I recently asked for blend recommendations but I am also struggling with how much, how and where. I apologize for being so confused. While I LOVE the availability of so many options, I am a little lost as well. I would appreciate some advice based on others experiences. Or please point me to a good place to look. I've been searching other posts and faq's but not finding exactly what I am looking for. What is the best dosage and medium for the different types of applications for a beginner? I've tried using a couple samples and I am not sure I am using enough because I am not noticing any affects to myself or others. I really want them to be effective but I may be adding too cautiously because I am afraid to OD or cause negative results. I've heard of it happening. I am looking to wear some blends in the day at work and then others to go out at night and feel wanted and meet new people. I've read some of the instructions and saw the instructions to "Roll your oils from your belly button to your cleavage 2 or 3 times" but is this for non phero/non cop scents or is this the recommended application for everything? Dosage and locations for Phero Enhanced? LP Sample Oil - Phero Enhanced Frag (1.5 ml) LP Perfume Oil - Phero Enhanced Frag (1/3 fl oz) LP Perfume Spray - Phero Enhanced Frag (1 fl oz) For unscented Pheros, what size/strength to start with? 1/3 fl oz roll-on 1 fl oz 1x spray 1 fl oz 2x spray 1 fl oz 3x spray Recommended medium to begin with (for day use and others for going out to meet people) and how much to apply and where? LP 100 alch spray LP 90/10 alch - oil spray LP alch - Oil 60/40 spray LP alch - Sil 60/40 spray LP Silicon Roll-on LP Oil Roll-on Thanks for your help! I plan to keep experimenting but I would love a good place to start.
  3. So I'm trying to plan out my next order and I really love both Dominance and Leather. Right now I have Dom in silicone and Leather in silicone with cops. I don't want to be wearing cops ALL the time when I wear leather so I was thinking of getting it w/o cops in a spray or another silicone. Buuut I also read that Dom has a different feel to it in spray version? Does Leather also feel different in spray? So basically I'm having a hard time deciding between Dom in spray or Leather in spray or silicone. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated <3
  4. I was on Artfire & noticed a spray version of Stone Cougar, which prompted this post. If it's not such a good idea to let pheros & cops settle into clothing or hair how do you use a spray? Or is it the same rule... Stay nekked for 10 min ! Is the argument for the spray just to tone down the scent?
  5. I didn't want to hijack StacyK's thread, but someone posted this in response to me on another forum and I thought this may be helpful for some. If you wanted to get really technical then you could probably do all of the math involved related to mcgs etc..but I was told as a general rule that: 1. 5 inches from a roll on roughly equals 1 drop from a dropper 2. 1 spray roughly equals 3-6 drops depending on concentration of the dropper 3. 1 spray equals approximately 15-30 inches from a roll on
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