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Found 2 results

  1. I have the best manbeast in the world, but due to some health issues that made him gain some weight (especially the mid-section adipose tissue which is said to create estrogen dominance in men) his sex drive has become significantly decreased. Well, he had this issue before we started dating but it's only become really bad in the last few months. There's probably other self-esteem issues in there as well, but seeing as how we've been dating for two+ years and it's only really hit in the last, say, three to six months, but the rest of the relationship, including communication is really solid-- I'm leaning towards really low testosterone which has always been a bit of an issue. I've already put in an order of a bunch of different trial sizes for various things, not just smexy-time, but I want to know your thoughts and suggestions on wanting my man to get back to pinning me up against the wall and kissing me, or us practically humping like bunnies in the beginning. My sex drive has actually increased lately, so I don't mind some stuff that turns me on too, but I need something that triggers him-- either in a cologne I put on him, or a perfume I wear myself. Thanks in advance!
  2. Heres a question...I'm sorry if it's a repeat of one, but I've searched through the boards and was unable to come up with anything. Does anyone know if there is any difference in cops' effect on guys who are naturally high in testosterone? If there even is such a thing? My target guy was Army, loveS guns and shooting, has a harley is just super GUYish and also has a really low voice...so I'm guessing that he might be. Would he need more or less cops than average? Or are there any blends that might work especially well? Last week I used some LAM pink during a visit last week and honestly within four minutes of my arrival and within two minutes of me sitting on the sofa with him (maybe even less than a minute), not even touching, he was absolutely ginormous, if you know what I mean. Granted, fooling around was likely on his agenda but I'd like to think it was me and LAM that sped things up. What do you girls think? Could he be more easily affected? Was he just horny to begin with? He IS a guy, after all... ( I know the answer to that) should I be careful of wearing too much!? Any advice will help because I do NOT want to turn him away. At all. Ever
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