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  1. Hi, all. Merry Christmas. And nothing says Christmas like cops questions, don't you think? I didn't find exactly this question when I looked through the boards, so I'm assuming this is a new one. If it's not then I apologise to the mods/admins. Now, there's lots of helpful info on here about where you should and *should not* wear cops. Away from the face/hair and down on the torso seem to be the best bet. In addition, Mara noted (and others joined in agreement) that places on the body that produce their own personal scents (behind the ears) should not have cops (or pheros?) applied there. So, erm, this leads me to a somewhat delicate question. If: 1) Cops emulate a fertile woman's natural sexy musk and 2) Keeping cops away from face, hair, wrists, etc. in favour of the torso is good Then, erm, how low can you go if you get to the torso and keep on heading south? I imagine putting cops (and possibly pheros) too close to one of the main places where one's own sexy smells originate could be bad, based on logical inference from what I've read on here. Is that correct? And if so then how close is too close generally (allowing for the natural variations in body chemistry and so on). It seems sensible to have the DTF aura emanating from approximately the region it would naturally but this also could be risky. Experienced cops-users, care to share your hard-won wisdom?
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