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What's your favorite Love Potion® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 5 results

  1. This is a *wonderful* carrier for Popularity Potion, it's a happy, yummy foody scent! Delicious vanilla cake, a very gentle orange note, sweet frosting all the way through... I think you guys will LOVE this one. NOT as buttery as Kanary Kreme, but in that same happy delicious nommable realm!
  2. Just got this in the mail and I know it has to settle. Initially, I get vanilla frosting with spice, maybe nutmeg. Really soft sandalwood in the background. After about 10 minutes, the spice came to the forefront (definitely clove, maybe nutmeg). Mara, what is the spice? I feel like a mulled vanilla chai latte! YUM!
  3. HI all, If there is already a thread on this & I missed it - please move as I don't want to create extra topic. I'm a fan of frangant waters & would love to hear everyone's take on the fragrance & experiences (face/body hydration, how long hydration & scent lasts and takes on the scents). Also any selfies due to uplifting or other fragrant properties. Any experience/ recommendations with magickal intent - like other waters - florida water, queen hungary water etc. Luckily, FP gives magickal intent of ingredients like with all else - gracias!! Went to Perfumerie an
  4. After a stupendously shitty Friday (I didn't realize "Friday the 13th" was actually a thing!) I came home to two awesome packages. Day: brightened. But as I almost immediately had to leave again for the weekend I didn't get to really play with anything till now. But play we shall! Wet: immediately get the oatmeal cookie dough, I feel like I'm getting a little buttery in a guilty-pleasure mmm-I'm-not-baking-for-health way… After a few minutes on me the chocolate-chips come out a bit more with the vanilla and is fast becoming an ice-cream sandwich on my skin. Temptation to gnaw wrist
  5. So here's my story: I'm generally a skeptic of just about anything....seeing is believing in my book. When I stumbled upon Pheros, I looked at several sites, read some of the forums and found plenty of 'infomercial' style websites claiming that pheros would get you just about anything. I figured that the possibility of disappointment was fairly high but after I discovered the LP website, I was curious enough to give it a try anyway. I was interested in creating more intimacy, open communication and, of course, the hopes of great sex so I leaned towards items with Beta/Alpha-Androstenol
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