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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

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  1. Our wonderful Potion Master not only let me buy a bottle of Tantric Butterfly from her secret stash (yeah I understand the hype now) but she also sent me a sniffee of an upcoming men's scent. (Thanks again!) She's given me permission to give a little teaser on this scent and even though the sniffee I have is phero free it will be part of the all pheromone month to be released pretty soon so I put the review here for anyone else who wants to review it. This scent smells like no other commercial scent I've ever smelled. Having said that, before finding out the name it invoked so many scent memories in me that I felt like I'd been 'scent' backwards in time to a Persian bazaar and couldn't figure out why. After I found out what was in this it made PERFECT sense to me. It is very challenging to really describe the scent notes because they all blend together so well but I will say that it has roasted black tea leaves (the one note I could really pick out was black tea). This scent to me invokes past life memories of being on a spice trading route through Constantinople. Just a musky, spicy, tea scented memory. I LOVE this scent! I can't explain what it smells like except to call it amazing! My immediate thought was that it smelled slightly medicinal and slightly sweet but after a few hours it alternates between slightly sweet (not cloying) and clean. Very interesting scent and I keep finding myself having to sniff my hand where I put this on. I'd gone out to dinner with a woman friend and asked her what she thought. 'Different.' *sniff again* 'What is it?' *goes in for a third sniff* 'You gonna wear it again? You can always save it to wear with me.' For her that is a glowing recommendation. Add to that the fact that she sniffed my neck again when we hugged goodbye and told me she wanted me remember to wear that next time I see her. Guess I'll have to hoard my little sniffee until I get a full bottle of this. *wags tail* I'm REALLY looking forward to see what you wonderful women here think of this because my friend really liked it and so did I. It is sexy stuff. Something about this scent is just addictive.
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