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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, folks. I need some advice. I'm after riling up some people I have to meet with for work. We contract them to deliver a service but we are not happy with them and the situation has become a major pain in the arse despite all efforts to make things go right. Unfortunately we are not yet at point where we can terminate the contract. I will be in a meeting with them to discuss some issues but we are actually hoping they will lose their cool and be sufficiently unhelpful/unprofessional that we can call them into a contractual compliance meeting and then start severing ties. Based on prior interactions it is possible that they will enter in defensive, shouty mode but we want to guarantee it. We need to remain polite and professional while quietly driving them to distraction so they behave badly enough for us to call said compliance meeting. I know the LP blends are meant to be helpful and not baneful, but I'm wondering if anyone has found a combo or dosage -- or even combined a harder phero with a bitchy intent -- to get people on the back foot. They are women, by the way. And thought my first thought would be Dom I've never had results that suggest people bristle when I wear it; it's totally smooth. This is great most of the time but not exactly for this situation. And I don't want them to just sit quietly and listen, either! Any ideas?
  2. Upon doing my daily studying of what NEXT to order, I think I'm understanding the applications and use of unscented blends, BUT I still want to throw it out to the experts for input. Getting the Swimming w/Sharks and/or La Femme Mystere on their own will allow me the option of combining them with a number of great LPMP scents (as opposed to buying a scent that already has them added), correct? Next, for either or both of these, would an oil/RollerBall be better or the spray? (And with the spray must I be very careful to only put it on skin & not risk clothes/hair?) Finally, since my initial intent for these is to boost a confident & successful return to my career (interviews & networking) THEN (hopefully being hired sooner than later) ongoing camaraderie & respect in the workplace) can anyone suggest good covers for either of these? Oh, and someone also recommended Open Windows as a great workplace scent... I'd love to know more about it if anyone has experience.
  3. I really love scented Cougar and I find it an excellent work blend, but I should like a change as I always wear the same thing. I am customer facing so I need men and women to like me and want to do business with the company. I find many pheros with cops in them, make women very bitchy, wary whereas the pure social blends like OW don't quite have the pazazz of Cougar which does give me that extra sparkle. Lumina is quite pleasant but I dont really find it very sexy, elegant yes but not sexy. Cougar over all other pheros seems to make me popular with both men and woman, who lean in closer, even finding boring info interesting and exciting. I have had female colleagues gush about me when wearing it. Lumina just does not always quite work. I find the scent of Cougar, the grapefruit etc subtle but enticing so therefore very work suitable and also good for post work social functions. Does Sparkle Fuschia have a suitable work scent? How does it compare to Scented Cougar? Swimming with sharks is not a phero I need at work because I mostly don't deal with flesh-eating ratscums however any other suggestions for something apart from scented cougar that would give unisex appeal and a bit of dazzle would be appreciated. I'd like to vary my phero-palette. Thanks.
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