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Tingle Tangle


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5 minutes ago, Crash said:

@Vicki Lee Me too! I have it on my "to buy" list down the road. :D I feel like such a dork, I have a prioritized list of what scents to get next!

Lol don’t feel like a dork ? I might have 4, 5, 6 different lists made based on category:lol2: I have a sugared list, sample list, limited edition list.. Of course all based on priority ?. I stalk the site every day on my lunch break and when I get home. Lol LPMP is LIFE. ?

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57 minutes ago, Crash said:

@Vicki Lee ....are you me? :lol2:

@Crash:Emoticons04263: we just might be one in the same! Lol I read the forums everyday and read up on different blends... That’s how my list changes in priority almost constantly. Like I had been sleeping on Gotcha, and other sexy blends because I thought I had to have an SO to wear it, hell! I thought I had to be a cougar, to wear COUGAR! ???? reading is very veryyyyyy crucial. 

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@Vicki Lee OMG I know! I was hesitant to try some of the pheros because they just didn't sound that useful, or the name made it sound like something I didn't really need, but they turned out to be incredible under the right circumstances. Even though I've had a bunch of the blends for months, I'm still learning and feeling out how some of them work for me, but I've gotten so much valuable insight off the forum reviews and journal posts here that I'm sure that saved me a lot of time and experimenting (and wasted pheros/potential ODs)! 

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I looooooove Tingle Tangle....wet, it's this super sweet blast of cherry, pink sugar, & a hint of the chocolate. I agree with you guys, the drydown is sexy & unexpected. A beautiful cherry pink sugary musk. On a side note, I've always DETESTED musk, until LPMP. I first loved it in Ebil - lish, now I love it in this. It has me considering LAM Pink Musk for a future order & other things with musk. Anyway, back to Tingle Tangle....I'm wearing it today & have worn it a few other times, too. I love it paired with OCCO Cherry & OCCO Pink, both OCCOs mixed together. But it would also go great with either OCCO alone. I love Pairing it with my UN LFM, because this scent is feminine + sexy, so I just feel like it ' matches ' that phero well.

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