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Perfect Match and Heart & Soul advice

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I am off on my first vacation with my SO in a couple of weeks. This will include meeting his parents who do not speak any English and I do not speak any Greek.


So I have brought some Heart and Soul as I am hoping it will be a good choice for meeting his family and friends. I have also brought Perfect Match as we have just hit the 6 month mark and are now talking of our future together and things seem to be progressing from dating to established couple and I thought Perfect match sounded a good choice for that stage.


However I am pretty new to pheros so would like some suggestions on what scents would work best with these two. I have sample bottles of LP: Original and Red and I have ordered NOCO White and Red and the new Petal Pusher. I am hoping these will arrive before I leave and going by the amazingly fast turn over time I have realised Mara is capable of pulling off I am pretty sure they will (she really is a star!!).


Do these sound like a good match for these two phero blends?


All the other scents I have already have pheros in them and I don't think I have enough experience under my belt yet to start mixing blends together.

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Heart & Soul and Perfect Match are both very easy to cover - any LP scent should cover them just fine - and they're both great choices for your purposes.

Have fun on your trip, and good luck meeting the parents! :)

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Not a scent cover advice post, but I used Treasured Hearts over Thanksgiving break when we visited with my SO's family and it worked beautifully. I'm an introvert, so my SO always complains that I don't make an effort to connect with his family, despite that not being the case. I was more relaxed an open, and everyone noticed. It was perfect for a family environment, I was able to connect with his mom and sister especially. I used the unscented version and covered it with Betrothal, A Taste for Luxury and LP White. But even without any cover, it did not smell like anything.


ETA: not all cover scents at once :)

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I find Perfect Match to be stinky... That's just me and my weird nose. It is easy to cover up though with any scent.

Good luck and have a fun trip:)


Wow, really? I can't smell it at all. Maybe your nose is normal and mine is broken!


CerisLou, have a great trip!

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Thanks you for the replies. I have tried both now and cannot smell anything when they are on my skin so it looks like they will indeed be pretty easy to cover. I did use LP:Red yesterday and I love how it smells on me so looks like that's another FB to add to the wish list.


Looking forward to getting my next couple of orders so I can start building up the fragrance collection. It's early days for me around these parts but I am already becoming a little obsessed with all the goodies available.

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