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Wax Melt: Love Potion Original w/ Gotcha!

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I've looked everywhere for a review of this one and I can't find one, but this has to be my fav wax melt, hands down. Now, it's no secret that LP Original has secured a place in my heart as a scent I never want to be without, but having it in a wax melt with Gotcha! is just incredible. I save these for when my SO and I have a night alone in the house (a rarity) and it creates such a nice, relaxed, loving vibe. I'd love LP with Perfect Match too... oh hell who am I kidding? I'd love LP Original in a virgin wax melt or anything that Mara can throw in with it! Thanks Potion Master for giving us a way to enjoy LPO beyond just slathering on that magical elixir~ :hello:

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I agree Lovestruck! I love this one. The scent is warm, sweet, and beautiful, and bathes the atmosphere of your home with a truly welcoming warmth and coziness. As for the Gotcha, my partner and I both enjoy the relaxing and somewhat cheery vibe it lends. I am well stocked up on this one and now looking to experiment with other scents and pheros, but you can't go wrong with this one in my opinion. It makes your home feel more "no place like home." :)

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