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Parcels, order and arrival times?


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I have a few separate orders in progress at the moment and today received one of them (all gorgeous scents!!!) However this one was dispatched on 15 January so that's a pretty good delivery time to get all the way over here to the UK.


However I'm waiting for an order which Mara dispatched on the 9th January but that hasn't arrived yet.


Is it normal for parcels to arrive out of order like this or do you thing the one dispatched on 9th has got lost by the postal service?

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Not a package, but I sent several cards a few weeks ago to Europe... within days of each other, some I sent in early January.

Some made it to Europe in a week, others sent in early December made it after the ones I sent in January (5 weeks!)... And this happens any time of the year, not just during holiday season.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wanted to put my mind at ease that the first one hadn't gone walkabout.


I'm off on vacation tomorrow so hopefully they'll be here when I get back. I've had them posted to my work address and my colleagues know I'm expecting them and will put them on my desk.

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