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Tantalizing T.J.


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I looked at every page in this forum, but couldn't find a thread for this. Many apologies if I was blinded by haste. :)


Wanted to come back and say I LURRRRRRVE THIS PERFUME!!!


I've had it for a goodly while, and recently dug it outta my LP cigar box. OMG YUM!!! I'd forgotten how GOOD it is! Does anyone remember the notes? I think it has some kind of patchouli...and it has a sweet musk thing, too. It goes on sharp--like a leeeettle teeeeny nip from the snake on the label--then immediately expands into sexy-as-hell nomminess on my skin. It's like what my skin should naturally exude when I'm wanting some attention. You know? Sexy attention or otherwise. It kinda makes me feel like I'm wearing Audacious. It smells classy and gorgeous. LOVE.


:burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart: :burning-heart:

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Tantalizing TJ


I think TJ is a forum member, but has rarely posted. Her blend consists of dry, warm vanillas, not foody, with white patchouli and white amber in the base, and a few drops of Bergamot EO on top. The bergamot is very light and fleeting, the blend as a whole is on the sexy sophisticated side. This is a recipe that is reminiscent of commercial perfumes...dry, wispy and elegant.



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