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I got this as a sample, when I purchased the estratetraenol. I haven't tried any of the pheromone fragrance blends here before. I looked around this site many times and wasn't sure how potent these blends would be. I dabbed on synchronicity and went to go drop of something for my boyfriend at his work. When he saw me he was his normal self, before he went back he kissed my hand and stroked my arm. Then on the way back home he text me asking me if I wanted to "do stuff." He kept texting me while he was work the entire time about what he wanted me to do with him for the rest of the time he was at work. :J001:


I think I'm going to try drop your guard with another fragrance as well.

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I've a sample of this, and really think it is bottle worthy. I like how it is slightly powdery while having a nice cologne sort of smell. I get a good whiff of vanilla bean, that good rich split open smell, like expensive extract, not the more straight up foody wheres-the-buttercream variety.

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