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Which phero for meeting with ex???

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Hello lovely ladies :)


Tonight I'm meeting my ex to give back some money that he had lent me. We'll meet in my car so it's goign to be pretty close quarters.

Nw we used to be together for nine years and broke up two years ago. I kinda think feel like i'd maybe be interested in starting something again with him.


So the questions is which phero do i use? I think we'll chat a bit in the car so that will give the phero cloud the chance to hit him.

I want him to feel intimate with me, sort of remember the good times we had together, why he fell for me in the first place. I want to inspire desire and lust but also a warm feeling of intimacy and hapiness that he is with me in the car.


Pheros i have available:


- Stone Cougar UN spray 60%alcohol -40%oil

- Bang! UN spray 60%alcohol -40%oil

- LFN UN spray 60%alcohol -40%oil

- LFM UN spray 60%alcohol -40%oil

- Blatant Invitation UN spray 60%alcohol -40%oil

- SS4W UN spray 60%alcohol -40%oil

- LAM Spicy Brown Sugar oil

- Sexpionage (LP Red boosted in oil)

- OCCO Red

- OCCO White

- OCCO Gold


I'd love to hear your suggestions :)


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At first thought i was thinking BI (based on the discription on the site) but i haven't tested much.


Now Bang! If i remember correctly i have used it arround him (together with OCCO) and i remember him saying that ahem ... he gets wet when he is around me. So i guess Bang! ?

I hope it goes well.

As for scent I'm thinking either BBM or LP Red, i think he has smelled both and he liked them. Maybe i'll go with LP Red...

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I love BI but in a situation like this I would want something more bonding. Because even if he feels like he wants to have sex with doesn't mean he will want to get back with you (unless you just wanted him for a sex partner! Then BI makes more sense.) but yeah Gotcha would have been ideal (better add that to your "to order" list!) it's more of a "intamacy and happiness" feeling, and a sexual attractant! but Bang at least has est, I'm not sure how bonding LFN is, I've yet to try it really.

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Honestly it's only LEATHER OR DOMINANCE for me in this situation.


Based on what you described yea Gotcha or PM.


But, you have all sexual blends so humm. I think I'd choose Cougar it's not loaded with cops and gives the wearer lots of confidence.


I'd meet him in a coffee place or something rather than be in such a confined area.


But, I'll support what others have said.. Sex does NOT equal love. So as long as you know that going in...


WAIT aren't you in Greece? Land of a million stunning men? I'd mail him his money then put my Cougar on and hit the town. Give me 4 years and I'll meet you there ;)

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Love all the ideas, especially Stacy K's - let's all go to Greece for a trip!


Anyhow - what makes you feel most comfortable and sexy? That will ease things up for both of you, if you feel confident, etc. I'm a huge fan of both Bang and LAM. I have the least experience with Gotcha, though what you're talking about seems like Gotchafits the picture. Go with what works for you - Bang and some OCCO. Just because they're more sexual doesn't mean you can't have emotional bonding. If you're confident and feeling open emotionally that'll help too.


But that's just my 2 cents of course. :) Post back after with what you're wearing and how it goes -would love to hear. I think LFN is also a knock out but I also don't know about the bonding piece. That said, it does give that mysterious air to weigh on his mind so that he HAS to see you again. And for me (and others based on threads), LFN is a great confidence boost.

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Haha, Bang that LP Red ;) I haven't gotten animalistic knee jerk responses out of men from wearing Bang, they've just been like super, super, super nice to me. Plus you already know that's a winning combo. Either way, good luck!

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So i think an update is in order...


I was wearing LAM brown Sugar (oil) in the afternoon (applied a bit before 6pm - lolipop on tummy and one stripe on each forearm) with BBM.

I met him at around 11pm at his house.

20 minutes prior i applied 5 good sprays of Bang! (torso, cleavage, wrists and dabbed a bit on my neck) covered with some OCCO Red and LP Red.


He was sitting in the living room before watching a movie. i arrived he opened the door and kissed me on the cheek.

We sat together on the couch pretty close to each other.

Well came closer and closer and put his arm around me. We talked a bit sitting like that he told his has been seeing someone for the last month or so. Then he starts huffing my neck again and again and again (insert Bang! and OCCO Red) which results in major boner ;)

He starts kissing me and hugging and definitely wants more... I told him that since he is with someone now this is not appropriate. But it seems that all he cares at that moment is to just be with me.

Anyway we fooled around and he asked me to bed several times but i thought it wasn't right so we didn't move to "third base", we only reached second.


All i have to say is that this combo definitely delivers ;)

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Yay for the Bang!! I'll bet he seeks you out again, good to leave him wanting more. :) Great post ephoebe!!


I should wear Bang more often, and I also like the thread titled, 'is it mean to wear Bang?' - just because I think it speaks to how good Bang is!


So happy for you that you got results you wanted and had a great time.

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Thank you BC :)

Well, I know that there is sexual attraction and there is affection too, because we were together for nine years and we broke up only because it wasn't leading anywhere, at least at that time. But we've always been in contact.


The Bang! hit was so obvious though! He got cuddly almost the moment we sat on the couch (he is cuddly anyway) and then bang! He starts to have that look and then a kiss on the cheek and one on the lips and another one and another one ... hands start going places and you get the picture ;)

Well I think the extra cops played a role here too.

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