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scents for my man we both will like?

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Thought I'd ask for your collective wisdom here ?

My guy's favorite scent is Armani's Acqua di Gio.

My favorite scents on men tend to go for sweeter things than that, usually woody orientals. As you see, our tastes are quite different. For example, Emporio Armani, Rochas Man are extremely sexy to me. He doesn't do sweets too well.

I thought of several samples, trying to find a middle ground between his acqua d.g. (which, frankly, I've never really gone crazy for) and my love for sweeter scents.

Any suggestions on LPMPs would be greatly appreciated.... thank you! ?

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I would go for a men's sampler. That way, you can try several different ones.

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I don't remember exactly what ADG smelled like, but if I remember, it was one of those fresh scents. If he likes that type, you could try Love Potion #9. http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/LP9/


A lot of the ones that my man has are now sold out, but he does like Excalibur.....he also smells really good in Tonka Musk. It isn't overly sweet, but I find it very sexy. http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/TonkaMusk/

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I have a list of my scents I own in my journal.





LP #9 - that is in the same vein as the original Armani - which I love. Acqua Di Gio is just so ... something.

Sandy Bottom maybe

Also think in the direction of the sugared musk lines ... Green, Black, Red maybe Egyptian

Maybe Ruisseau or Ionic Tonic if they are still available


Blue for Men


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